"Would You Kindly" – BIOSHOCK RAP by JT Music & Divide

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We love Bioshock if you haven’t gotten that by now. We partnered with Divide to create this banger about Frank Fontaine and all his conniving puppet mastery from the Bioshock games. Now would you kindly like and subscribe?

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“Would You Kindly” – BIOSHOCK RAP by JT Music & Divide

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45 reviews - "Would You Kindly" – BIOSHOCK RAP by JT Music & Divide

  1. Noah Ravelo says:

    Every time they say “Pray the voices are not delusions” I hear “Pray the horses are not delusions”

  2. Make another bioshock..would you kindly?

  3. questa é la migliore musica che abbia mai sentito

  4. Remz SB says:

    Take Me Back To Rapture

    -2010 ❤

  5. Let's remember that Bioshock 1 is now a alternate AU, the real timeline is one we never saw. Atlas never controlled jack in the real timeline, jack overtook Ryan himself more likely, or saved the girls his own way. Because Elizabeth gave atlas the code you know? So saying that Elizabeth didn't do that and it was untouched by time travel, jack would have forged his own future and decided on good or bad. But growing up with Ryan would be kinda bad because of a lack of morality…

  6. would you kindly…

  7. Gem Nut says:

    The one thing that everyone should take from this series would be the “Constance and variables”

  8. Vexias says:

    Basically any monopoly game I play

  9. Efren Barr says:

    Make a song about the family

  10. Haris Live says:

    This song is so great, it feels like Fontaine hired you (by force) to do it.

  11. Still not a match for " rise rapture rise"

  12. Niusha Samie says:


  13. Happ Doggo says:

    NEW IDEA – Bioshock : The Collapse

    Splicers and big daddies from rapture have escaped rapture and made their way to the surface and discover Columbia. Columbian mosquito patrols discover the surfaced splicers , the splicers possess the drones with plasmids and fly up to Columbia. You can choose what faction / side you choose to go with in the game. If you side with the splicers , you can either capture / destroy Columbia. With the Colombians , same with rapture.

  14. Really I like this song but the game is scary

  15. what is this !!! is this fontain story?? is that a DLC?

  16. TJ Carroll says:

    Would you kindly like this comment

  17. How have i not heard this until now? This is crazy good!

  18. Frost Shock says:

    My favorite line is would you kindly.

  19. Frost Shock says:

    You guys make perfect bioshock music.

  20. @JTMusic where did u find that plaid shirt? I really like that!!

  21. Mega Man0517 says:

    Man I love the work but we're gonna need a hollow knight rap

  22. Frog says:

    0:10 "Don't trust him."

  23. ToonGrin says:

    Very nice work.
    Would love to work as an editor on one of these videos.
    Curious could we get rap based around Sigma and Minerva's Den? I found that the only story I like in this franchise other than the Luteces.

  24. Laughing dj says:

    This is absolutely awesome I love how you take amazing games and turn them into outstanding songs I'm honestly curious how you would take on a bioshock infinite rap ❤️????? you guy's are amazing and have probably heard that from others a million times but it's true and is worth repeating

  25. ton says:

    I have listed this song but this is the first time i actually listent it and Oh my god is about atlas

  26. T Rex says:

    Until you get to Ryan's office and kill the son of a bitch. Best line in this song

  27. I picked up on that edit that made it sound as if there are two voices rapping, one being Skull and the other being a deep sounding variation. It's almost like the doubled voice is Fontaine, the normal one being Atlas. Or even the deep one being spliced Fontaine.

  28. 4:09

    Your Frontal Lobe.

  29. It sucks that irrational games rebranded. We may get a new bioshocm but its unlikely

  30. MadLove4ever says:

    Ok, make fun of me if you want for not knowing this, but I’ve played BioShock 1 and 2, but where is all of the other gameplay in this video from? It looks like a prequel to BioShock and how Fontaine “rose to power”, but I’ve never seen it before. Is it a DLC? If so what’s the name? On a side note, this rap is amazing as usual! ❤️

  31. Hero Bizarre says:

    Bioshock Infinite Rap Ft. The Stupendium and Andrea Storm

  32. What games are these clips from?

  33. Who's Excited For Bioshock 4?

  34. When Jt Music doesnt put this in their favorite songs list.

  35. Beat bioshock 1 finally last night. I kinda played them in the wrong order XD. I beat 2 first, then infinite, then number 1 finally. To anyone reading this who never played bioshock, play 3 first and the DLC after you beat 3 (infinite). The DLC will make everything make sense. Also, I may or may not have listened to this song about 7 times after finally winning.

  36. I adore this song ??.
    It's my favorite Bioshock song!!! Followed by "Daddy's Home"

  37. "Its guud"
    ~Benjamin Franklin

  38. The Cult says:

    You notice booker and jack both have tattoos on their wrists

  39. carol long says:

    I swear I heard the opening whispers say based on a true story

  40. My pp itches says:

    Joker from the arkham games would be a cool rap in this style with a line that goes "One day can be the best and the worst. And I proved it"

  41. Plz make a bioshock infinite rap

  42. would you kindly sub to this channel?

  43. Imagine bioshock irl

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