17265 Wonder Woman: Bloodlines - Official Exclusive Trailer

Wonder Woman: Bloodlines – Official Exclusive Trailer

In Wonder Woman: Bloodlines, Amazon princess Diana of Themyscira chooses to save fighter pilot Steve Trevor and return him to his home in America – setting in motion one of Wonder Woman’s most captivating chapters. Fulfilling the role of both ambassador as well as protector, Diana soon earns the name Wonder Woman from the gracious people of Earth. Equally strong in body, heart and will, she makes it her mission to help a troubled young girl enlisted by a deadly organization known as Villainy, Inc., whose criminal members have their sights set on invading Themyscira, Diana’s paradise home.

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38 reviews - Wonder Woman: Bloodlines – Official Exclusive Trailer

  1. grace tl says:

    kWeen is finally baaaaack

  2. The artstyle is so weird. I thought this is set in the New 52 DCAU, so why couldn't they stick with these animations? This just seems off. Nonetheless, I'm pretty stoked!

  3. 1:11 Pretty sure that's the Bat-Wing…

    Bat-Wing, Bat-Plane, however you wanna call it…

  4. Diana Prince (WonderWoman) are awesome.

  5. Sho Nuff says:

    Same stories damn

  6. I was hoping she would use her sword and shield…

  7. Ez-8 says:

    Hmmm, are all the villains chic's except that one cat guy?

  8. The animation of WW’s fighting style looks awesome.

  9. I'm still waiting for the Scarecrow origin animated movie

  10. I would like to see the story of Wonder Woman half brother Jason and how she would deal with it. This seems like just a retelling of the same stuff

  11. Lavagolem says:

    Looks better than hush

  12. Oscar Leon says:

    This is where DC shines

  13. Jaime C says:

    Ffs drop the new costume!

  14. Why is the style different than the other dc animateds?

  15. Whats the run time on this movie?

  16. GJ Battles says:

    Finally a DC movie that ISN'T about Batman.

  17. Where's her sword and shield?

  18. Amazing ❤❤❤

  19. Just wondere woman in animated form lol, ?

  20. Pikapanda says:

    Why do the dc animated movies looking better then the dceu

  21. So yall just gonna sleep on green lantern ever since that movie huh DC? The hell yall waiting for? Dont let my dude die off

  22. Glad to hear the origin is just a flashback. Because I was confused with how Wonder Woman already had so many enemies – like damn, everyone hates her.

  23. will this be the final remake? XD

  24. Roy Chue says:

    Look great as all DC cartoon movie

  25. Sirus says:

    I See Lucinta Luna LOL ???

  26. This Wonder Woman looks different from the last DCAU movies

  27. Badboy DCX says:

    Wonder Woman does not sound or talk like that -_-

  28. Marvel, take notes this is how you do a Female superhero movie not the trash you came up with.

  29. Show me the wae

  30. JM Catague says:

    Is it part of justice league war sequel?

  31. Levi M says:

    So it’s a SQL but more super females hmm

  32. Zatharos says:

    So they show her sword and shield on the cover but don’t actually use it in the animation? Nice one DC. nice

  33. Wow… someone besides Batman has their own solo animated movie

  34. G-Dub 85 says:

    DC king of animated movies

  35. Jeffrey Uy says:

    Lamarr Wilson will go Wonder for this movie. XD

  36. Is this a continuation of the 2009 Wonder Woman animated movie?

  37. I wish they went for more girly voice for Giganta just like in the JL animated series.

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