16 article reviews Wild Bill – Trailer – ITV

  1. Dez Delaforce

    Oh well. Just got into it. Totally enjoyed the whole series. …Then I found out its been dropped by ITV. Typical… Because it got no nudity, no obvious violence, no obvious jokes, no obvious story lines, it's been dropped. Probably a bit to difficult for your average soap viewer…. In my opinion. A bit like a good Hitchcock at times. Sorry Rob, I thought you were good.

  2. Dawn Dusk

    Thank goodness for a great tv show and Rob Lowe is amazing actor.

  3. Helen Swan

    Muriel is THE BEST. its a good series, but her part is the best written, and the best acted (with possible exception of daughter kelsey). Go Muriel!

  4. Matthew MacMillen

    Oh Man is this good…and the end of Episode 5 is right out of a Western…with Cossack music…there's Bad Blood Brewing between Bill and Oleg!!

  5. H I

    Anyone live in Boston like me?

  6. Will Freitas


  7. nick sainsbury

    Just watched episode 2 and I just spat out my coffee when rob lowe was told “if you wanna stay in this country, learn the bloody language” 🤣🤣🤣


    So far, I like it, it's different. Rob Lowe in carrot crunching country. It's nice to know the UK can have whacky, weird places full of strange people just like the USA. And East Lincs fits the BILL perfectly. Could go into really dark humour territory. I hope so.

  9. R. Brooks

    I just watched the first episode and it was surprisingly alright. I will give 2 a try.

  10. Ann Macleod

    No I won't lighten up just because you say so No I won't.

  11. Ken England

    Rob Lowe's acting…or lack thereof means I'll pass…

  12. Live Free

    it's crap. A full 20 seconds to put down the "white male father", then another 20 seconds to talk about diversity.

  13. FROST Manz

    Another brit winner . This is pretty great.

  14. Eddie M

    Thank you, I knew it was a bad idea when read it… Now I know it is, after watching this!!

  15. Rodrigo Ribeiro

    Cool. Anybody know what's name of the song?

  16. Dan Crowley

    Wasn't there a cop show in the 80,s with a similar theme ,was it Dempsey and make peace or something.

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