Why Marvel Says Spider-Man Is Out Of MCU – Marvel Phase 4

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Covering Tom Holland and Kevin Feige Explaining Why Spider-Man is Out of The MCU for Marvel Phase 4. New Interviews, Spider-Man 3 Story Changes, Kraven the Hunter, Sinister Six. The Spider-Man Venom Crossover movie. Avengers 5 Marvel Phase 5 possible return and the future of Tom Holland Spider-Man through Spider-Man 4.

I’ll also be doing a new Marvel Phase 4 Avengers Endgame Spinoff Series video for all the new Avengers Series they announced and all the details of those stories.

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33 reviews - Why Marvel Says Spider-Man Is Out Of MCU – Marvel Phase 4

  1. Here's my new Spider-Man Marvel Sony MCU video. Kevin Feige and Tom Holland finally made official statements about the future of the Spider-Man Character and Spider-Man 3. Post all your theories and reactions in the comments. I'll do more update videos if they release more details going forward. New Marvel Phase 4 Avengers Series video coming for Moon Knight and everything else soon too!

  2. Fucking greedy bastards.

  3. Adam Warren says:

    They can’t do this mcu needs Spiderman

  4. Mickey Johno says:

    I hope we see Spidey an venom going after Carnage in the next film. An kraven the hunter trying to kill all three of em. That's if they do keep him out of the MCU or are allowed to use him again. We see kravens name on the side of the delivery trucks as well. I saw that in one of your videos.

  5. What if Sony let’s Marvel do the last movie (Spider-Man 3) and also wrap him up in one more Marvel team up movie (Avengers 5)

  6. Fabian Lelo says:

    I think they're still negotiating, tbh. This could be like James Gunn being fired and coming back again. Maybe a publicity stunt.

  7. Thanos snapped Spider-Man out the MCU??‍♂️

  8. Kanley West says:

    Watching this again just in case your videos magically gets Spider-Man back to the MCU.

  9. I feel like Spider-Man changes from movie to movie so I would like to see an origin movie (even if it involves uncle Ben dying) because I want to feel more connected to the character. I want to know what they’ve been through. In marvel’s Spider-Man, I feel like he just came out of no where

  10. This is all a publicity stunt…when he comes back to the MCU, they’ll make a big deal out of it and the fans will come out in numbers.

  11. Yagna Otia says:

    honestly seeing my favorite super hero juggling around the studios because of money it makes me sad, fans like us always have to compromise for this kind of behavior. why can't they continue a single timeline for long time so we get to see variety of villains and expanded story-line. But for time being we got to live with it. Good luck spider man, see you around.

  12. Byron Walsh says:

    Marvel hasn't even confirmed he is out of the MCU, no one has. All we know is there was a split and that negotiations are ongoing. People need to listen to Interviews properly because Neither Holland or Feige say the Words "Spidey is out the MCU".

  13. Joker says:

    Wow iron man dies to save spiderman and then he’s just out of existance for everyone in the mcu


    Disney: Why Do I Hear Heavy Metal Boss Music?

    Me: Because You Are A DEMON, Disney!

    Disney Has Left The Chat

  15. take this as an oppurtinity to build spiderman character more, Tom Holland did a great job as a wall-crawler.. but as fas as i see MCU spiderman is nothing more than Tony Stark Jr. or Iron Man Jr.
    The spiderman we know always been a lonewolf fully capable of taking care of himself(including develop his own equipment), he did a team up sometime but it always meant to be temporary, after he did his job he get back to his solo act… he's like a lighthearted version of Logan, probably the reason why they bickering so much but still get along pretty well.

  16. KevTon 13 says:

    So Tom Holland is fine with leaving mcu?

  17. spiderman 3 sinister six

  18. SSJ God Goku says:

    Bottom line: the studios give zero fucks about what us, the fans want. Spider-Man IN the MCU!!! #FuckDisney #FuckSony #KeepSpideyInTheMCU

  19. I know why they dont need spidey for phase 4 cause spidey is not even in phase 5 so its better to continue holland as spidey without the mcu then make sony sequel to spdey 3 to 5 then make spidey return for avengers 5 assemble.

  20. Hope they get rid of Tom Holland and get a more gritty older Parker for venom 2

  21. Ross says:

    sony and marvel will work it out again for phase 5 or 6, we will see him back in a team up avengers film one day im sure. for now, sony is just going to run with the story that the mcu has built and kicked off, small things will change im sure, but it will work. they really wanna do sinister 6 it seems. as long as they keep tom holland and a good inside core team to keep putting their input in it will be fine, keep the studio dummies out of it. but yeah.. for now, spiderman is going to kinda just go off and do his own thing while the rest of the mcu goes even more cosmic and such. i actually really think this is a good idea, theres not really a solid place for spiderman in the next phase or phases of the mcu anyway. hes spiderman now and is looking after new york now that iron man is gone. it makes sense he just has his own story, and meets vemon and they build on the sinister 6 story. one day when the mcu brings the x men in and the fantastic 4 into the mold then they could bring spiderman back to the mcu as well, or at least around the same time. it would give spiderman some decent characters to jive with and such again now that ironman and cap are out of the mix. that would make sense.

  22. JSH757King says:

    Spiderman 3 will focus on so many villains and people coming for Spider-Man since his identity is public. He won't be safe

  23. Ninja Noob says:

    Stan Lee would be piiiiiissed

  24. oRadium says:

    They’re going to refer to Spider-Man as “the kid” in the MCU just like tony did when he said “I lost the kid”. That way we can assume they’re talking about Spider-Man although Disney no longer has the rights for him.

  25. duckboy guru says:

    Ok so endgame was the last film of the mcu for me

  26. The ONLY way they can fix this is to ::drum roll:: make a live action spiderverse

  27. Veer Chasm says:

    This is not how you negotiate a new ? contract Tom

  28. I really wanna see how tf can they continue Spider-Man wit out MCU

  29. carolina says:

    Spiderman : Homecoming

    Spiderman : Far From Home

    Spiderman : Never Come Home


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