Why Marvel is Cutting Captain Marvel Out of The Franchise After Avengers: Endgame

Why Marvel is Cutting Captain Marvel Out of The Franchise After Avengers: Endgame

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43 reviews - Why Marvel is Cutting Captain Marvel Out of The Franchise After Avengers: Endgame

  1. Adam Welle says:

    Uhhhh who else would take out Thanos' ship by themself?

  2. Gemini Queen says:

    Captain Marvel made $1 Billion! Trust me, they'll keep her. Studios are ALL about money.

  3. ARR V says:

    Her name is CAPTAIN MARVEL! They won't relegate a character with such a name.

  4. Brie Larson doesn't deserve any of this hate and it's not fair to her.

  5. If they cutting ties why they have Captain Marvel 2 coming out someday ?
    Yeah she horrible but your video is so bad. Fans no who was at the funeral and why hulk didnt fight haha

  6. Mentions Fantastic 4.
    Shows the wrong team 😕

  7. J T says:

    Instead of debating your points, all anyone needs know is that Captain Marvel made over a billion dollars at the box office. She's not going anywhere.

  8. She played her part. Iron-man would've died in space it she had not saved him. Gotta understand this was all done by Dr. Strange because all of those coincidences had to line up perfect and they did.

  9. Gino Lorenzo says:

    My question is why you're still making videos

  10. Joshua Shoff says:

    Because Carol Danvers belongs on the set of Supergirl, being from another Universe?

  11. darkwolf2066 says:

    Lol look at the dislikes compared to likes

  12. James Watson says:

    They filmed her parts in Endgame before they filmed Captain Marvel. There were multiple versions of her part in Endgame and the version they used was the longer one set out in case Captain Marvel did well at the box office, as it did. So…she actually had more time in Endgame than she could have. Meanwhile, it's not the executives or cast that hates Brie Larson, it's the idiotic anti-SJW people who hate her comments against racism and sexism. And I thought Captain Marvel was a pretty epic film, personally. She has a fan in me at least.

  13. Pyro Jaeger says:

    Captain marvel is played by a not so great actress who showed a cocky captain marvel that didnt do much for the audience. If she doesnt come back in phase 4 Im not even sad.

  14. kkaradin says:

    Oh wishful thinking, they are willing to make an ending in Endgame that allows Thor's character to do more films on the success of Thor Ragnarok, they even give Captain America and out (showing de-aging via the Quantum Machine) if Evans wants to do another film, do you honestly think Captain Marvel, being the 7th highest ranking film of the MCU and going over a BILLION dollars is not going to get her another film?

  15. Lol! Shut up Incel.

  16. Thanos says:

    That moment when you realise im still alive

  17. lokistherem says:

    Troll, downvote.

  18. Why was capt marvel ragdolled by thanos?

  19. TBC44 says:

    UH… no we’re not in phase 4 yet, Spider-Man far from home is the last phase 3 movie

  20. David Sloan says:

    not a Brie Larson as cap Marvel fan. I think MCU should bring her in one last time to get the life drained out of her by Rogue. I’d love that

  21. This video is terrible.

  22. Beck Bentz says:

    lol what? She did have a big role!!! Whatever…

  23. I don’t think they are planning on phasing her out, but the sour militant feminist slant her character took because of Brie Larsen is causing the character to self destruct. It’s tainted right from the get go. At least they waited til the very end for Chris Evans to make us hate him with his extreme leftist rantings!

  24. Brett says:

    We are not officially in phase 4. Far From Home will be the end of phase 3

  25. Harry Potter says:

    The thumbnail makes it look like a noodle is coming out of her eye

  26. Johnny says:

    trash video not enough research by saying “ random teen at the funeral” and it’s still phase 3 spiderman far from home is the end of phase 3

  27. HEDaniellD says:

    garbage research

  28. Greed land says:

    Captain marvel helpe set up secret invasion and possibly super skrulls also Simultaneously introducing fantastic 4

  29. I was super hyped for captain marvel… but she hasn't lived up to expectations. Lets hope they can change it around in her sequel, she is a great character and deserves to be in the MCU. I'm just really disappointed that they ruined her

  30. How didn’t people know who the teen at Tonys funeral was! Ya’ll ain’t real fans!

  31. Terrible video

  32. Who, What? says:

    Shes not going anywhere ? nice try though

  33. So let me see what you are saying here:
    Captain Marvel is probably the most powerful Marvel Hero and maybe more powerful than Superman, so… Marvel will drop the best challenger of DC's #1 hero ? SERIOUSLY ?

  34. horrible video; all speculation with no real research into her contract.

  35. JFireFox 99 says:

    This guy is really dumb did he even watch any other marvel movies except end game

  36. When I see captain marvel I didn't feel that special spark in me when I see it I dont think captain marvel is a big thing when she was in the end game I didn't really pay attention to her throw out the moive.

  37. Deleted says:

    Larson is brutal to watch.

  38. GUILDAMESH says:

    Rogue is a Huge tie to Captain Marvel tired of people who don't know comics
    making video's on the subject with out doing the proper research

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