17647 Who Are Marvel's Celestials?

Who Are Marvel's Celestials?

Today on Variant, we’re taking a look at some of Marvel’s most mysterious and powerful beings, The Celestials!

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50 reviews - Who Are Marvel's Celestials?

  1. ?…who is Donna Troy?

    I’m gonna have fun with this until you make a video. ??

  2. Is ego a celestial

  3. I've had a story arc in mind for Marvel comics involving the Celestials for the longest time. I should probably start writing it…

  4. Who are the Eternals? Marvel copy on the New Gods. Lmao, trash!!!!

  5. hope the eternals movie don't suck as much the other marvel's movies (except the first movies of the marvels movies)

  6. You should do an episode on who you think could be the next major MCU antagonist

  7. harme Nas says:

    So do celestials actually have bodies under their armors?

  8. harme Nas says:

    Dude you are seriously running out of contents.

  9. Batman vs Goku??

  10. Kuroki says:

    Celestials = giant ironmen, done!

  11. I'm just curious. Is thanos like an offspring or a clone of a celestial?

  12. This some tenggan toppa gurren lagaan size crap

  13. Definitely make a “History of the Celestials” episode.

    Please try to include feats of their powers. Like when the combined power of the thee mightiest skyfathers of earth couldn’t even dent one.

  14. As big as the celestials are.. and with Galactus' origin in the ultimates being paired with the 1st universe… Galactus should have been a celestial that fell behind when the 1st Firmament fled. it would make sense, Galactus tried to flee with it, his ship couldn't make it and he was transformed into something else, something more.

  15. imong mama says:

    @1:59 he forgot to contain his nerd energy

  16. Ziqel says:

    Volkrum or beyonder?

  17. Slim Retro says:

    "They are gods and their power is immeasurable"
    The Beyonders Laugh in the Corner

  18. Slim Retro says:

    Just to let you guys know and mess up your mind, there are beings named the beyonders, and a single beyonder killed off all the celestial race with all the cosmic entities and 3 killed the living tribunal.

  19. The firmament is not the heavens or the sky.

  20. jesus mora says:

    the one above all is not real, it was a beyonder in a disguise.

  21. M.Hussain says:

    Do one on Taimut the Dreaming Celestial please.

  22. Bear hands says:

    But how are they?

  23. Jack Kirby created the Celestials to represents "Angels" of the first order. According to MCU during the 1990's, when the fan base hit its zenith right around 1992 before the SHTF and Marvel went bankrupt after milking the fan base to the bones, the story/origin goes like this: God created our entire existence (no explanation to where God came from). After existence was created, the Infinity Gems retained the essence of the existence/and its rules of nature. During the beginning, sentient beings like Eternity, Living Tribunal, Death, Master Order/Lord Chaos, were representatives of existence. Then came Elders Of Universe, Celestials, Watchers, Mephisto/other demons often seen in Doc Strange's comics. Galactus never quite fitted too smoothly into this version of existence. Back to the Celestials, they were depicted similar to the Watchers of the Bible when they came to earth, some similarities there but carried into a cosmic level where they basically repeated their gene alterations among lower life forms over and over. Term used often called them Space Gods. Arisheim was the leader amongst them, but not sure if the leadership rotates thru cycle or election over the ages.

  24. Another great vid. Thx

  25. Great video guys

  26. ZaStando27 says:

    OG Marvel Fans remember when they were power houses, I still find Knull killing one bullshit because he ended up getting ass hooked by Venom. Oh and that head in nowhere is the head of the celestial that was killed by Knull.

  27. For the 5% of people reading this, I hope you become successful in you life ?❤

    coming from a small youtuber who wants to help another youtubers who want to persue their dreams ❤???

  28. Hey variant comics I been watching your videos of different characters and their background stories and learned a lot and they are GREAT! I was wondering if u can do a history of Resident Evil character Albert Wesker origins how he became a villian what mad him such a monster. And thank u for showing us fans interesting stories of heros, villians, and monsters thank u.

  29. Where can I get that Captain America shirt?

  30. The suits looks like rigs from dead space

  31. hecatomb says:

    marvel always changes who the 1st being was. I remember one time they said nemesis was the 1st, and killed itself to make the infinity gems. There was also the birth of galactus who came into the universe.

  32. MemoMG28 says:

    You should read History of the Marvel Universe, they explain it very well

  33. Do a history of episode

  34. Dude if you want to ride up there and kick one of them and the head and run I ain't no mistake dude I mean lol

  35. K Cal says:

    Bro that shirt is ???

  36. Julius Hk0 says:

    I thought the beyonder was the second most powerful character in the marvel universe to the one above all

  37. Zay W says:

    Looks like jack Kirby so of course

  38. is it me or is the audio kinda off in this vid?

  39. Do you think galactus would be a creation gone wrong from the celestials? After all the movies tweek certain origins. Also can we possibly get a eternity apperance?

  40. So Wikipedia is wrong in stating that the one above all was a celestial rescue by another?

  41. Ms. God says:

    That's like God created the God's duhhhh

  42. Killed by Dr.Doom the one above all. Lol.

  43. What's the X-men comic in the minute 5:20 by Jim Lee?

  44. Daniel Ong says:

    except that in the Guardians of the Galaxy 2, Starlords dad said that he is the only celestial ….

  45. I'm excited for the eternals.They look pretty badass, even though they look like robots.

  46. Shaggy Dee says:

    I been a comic book/Superhero fan since I can remember n I'm 30…..I dnt follow the MCU.. Just animation comic books toyz n video games

  47. Then The One Above All is Disney itself

  48. IVeverm0re says:

    Holy crap. This aspect of the comic universe is so convoluted, that it sounds more like a dreamscape or a mushroom trip.

  49. Great video varriant. Can't wait for the Eternals movie. I like to see how the MCU will introduce these awsome godlike beings. Plus, they have an amazing cast.

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