18125 White Savior: The Movie Trailer

White Savior: The Movie Trailer

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A movie about a black woman who made history and a man who was white when she did.
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White Savior: The Movie Trailer- Late Night with Seth Meyers

Late Night with Seth Meyers

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46 article reviews White Savior: The Movie Trailer

  1. Books4ever Ever

    don't forget about the "inspirational" story of a white missionary going to a African or south Asian or south American or middle eastern country, completely unqualified and tries to "save" the children there by killing them

  2. Selvokaz

    this is too painful to watch. Also, why is it always a black woman who gets praised? When's the last time the media ever gave this much praise to a black male character in fiction. I know it's not a real movie, but damn Black men exist to and not all of them want to be seen as Thugs.

  3. 5 7

    "ROSA & KEVIN" 😂😂😂

  4. Thomas King

    Wow… this is a terrible issue in our media.

    Thank you, Seth Meyers, for saving us from ignorance and making us more educated people ready to fight racism.

  5. Miloš Obilić


    Glory was good

  6. Nicholas Kedge

    Okay I get the point of the video, and it can be an annoying trope, but films like Freedom Writers, Hidden Figures and Best of Enemies are based on true stories and don’t fit the bill as the events just happened that way. Also, one can’t ignore the reality that, though it was ultimately the African American characters in those films breaking new ground and knocking down barriers, the role of the “white savior” character is unfortunately pivotal to the story due to the times the events take place in. I understand the criticism, and the emotions behind it are valid, but you can’t ignore the reasons for it in the criticism. Otherwise, it’s just very one sided and not a credible satire/analysis. I’m just glad for the progress films like moonlight and blackkklansman have made in presenting black characters who overcome adversity on their own terms.

  7. টোল জামাই/ V's moonchild mahir

    Reminds me of "To kill a mockingbird" which is my favourite book and now I don't know what to do.

  8. jimjimmyjames59

    Just how many times did they have to do the scene with Lutz? I can't imagine not breaking.

  9. tommytatt

    i really enjoyed this video. made me laugh a lot

  10. Chug chug Burt reynolds

    Green Book is this movie

  11. Daemia

    Same cliche narrative with movies about females. Always a goddamn male around either a hero or an eventual lover. It's always about men.

  12. James Green

    This is very ironic because this sketch in itself feels very much like the exact thing they are criticizing. I mean come on a "White Man" trying to make fun of "White Saviors". It sounds very White Savior like to me.

  13. queelude9

    "Magical Negro" coming next summer..

  14. BadSanta6

    This is stupid. The world doesn't revolve around the ways we use to entertain ourselves.

  15. jamie lunes

    You're Articulate😎😎

  16. Andrea Mendenhall

    Solution? Make your own movies 👍🏼👍🏾

  17. snuggiesful

    Am I the only one that noticed black women were centered (as opposed to black men)?

  18. Roy Henry

    Maybe because white peoples DID save you. Our civil war ring any bells????

  19. Roy Henry

    White savior. You mean the civil war where 300,000 white men died for somebody else’s freedom. But that doesn’t matter right?

  20. Little Fires

    Add the Intouchables to that list

  21. Kate

    I just want to watch the super racist on loop.

  22. Daniel Brown

    I never realized Seth had these little bits, hilarious. Well done, 10x better than anything he did on SNL

  23. Camacho Hensley


  24. My Opinion

    This is the least important comment on this film, but… at 4:48 i had to wonder how many Value Villages they had to hit to find that many of those old damn mugs in the same pattern. I remember my mom having them 🤣😅.

  25. daisyyy2000


  26. Lightning Hobby

    They forced us to watch Glory in school and even as a kid I knew that the story was a little off. It was still a good movie.

  27. Noodle Nerd

    You know, I remember watching Freedom Writers in school and I couldn't figure out why it made me uncomfortable until now.

  28. Rose Torrentine

    This is so spot on! LOL

  29. Total T

    Brilliant. I am a white guy, in love with Amber. I bet she wrote this.

  30. Dwayne Wondrous

    Most black people have some experience with one of these story!!!..Lmao

  31. BennyB5555

    White savior yeah yeah yeah. All races are capable of being racist and ignorant is some way or another. It is what it is.


    THIS!!! Can we get a full-length version of this please?

  33. nokwanda themba

    lmao Seth is alright

  34. Frau Steiner

    When the white guy helps, that's racist, because it's a White Savior movie. When the black guy helps, that's racist, because it's a Magic Negro movie.

  35. andyroosky

    Everyone knows that the birth mother who is giving her child up for adoption picks where here child goes right? That issue is much more nuanced and I wish people were a little more empathetic to adoptive mothers and their adopted child. I think that adoption is a subject people really need more knowledge on.

  36. piecesofme

    But, on the sly, did Seth just call his audience racist?

  37. piecesofme

    The irony of this being produced by a white man’s talk show…

  38. surakshya karki

    Greenbook 2

  39. Andre Jackson

    This is why I love the movie Best of Enemies, there was no white savior that they just made up to make the movie watchable for white audiences.

  40. Marv D'Souza

    I just saw Seth and Amber in costume .. and laughed andclicked!

  41. Whidi Syaputra

    "I am here to adopt you"😂😂😂😂

  42. porfirio diaz carrillo

    i love the sublety of the rainbow plates in the cabenet.

  43. Shelby Zealand

    I really want to see the outtakes of them filming this! 😀

  44. Andrea Mendenhall

    Indifference vs white savior
    Token vs non inclusion
    White flight vs gentrification
    Segregation vs integration
    Etc etc etc can never win. Blah, we're done trying 🙄

  45. Shrink Tank

    So many great points! It was especially great that they addressed how a lot of these "saviors" are only helping one or two people who are close to them. It's ridiculous that being a good friend is portrayed as heroic when that friend isn't white.

  46. Kevin Escorpien

    This and Key & Peele's "Magical Negro" skit need to be required viewing in film schools.

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