What If Avengers Endgame Ended Like This?

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36 reviews - What If Avengers Endgame Ended Like This?

  1. Have you hear the tale of Netony Stark? Its not a tale the jedi would tell you..

  2. No one would care if captain marvel died

  3. Golden Raidz says:

    The Last Ending tho….

  4. TtMAD CcMAD says:

    Are you literally a cartoon version of HISHE?

  5. Toprevgaming says:

    shouldn't cap give his shield to bucky instead of falcon?

  6. Robert Jr. says:

    great , please make a sequel!!

  7. Chi Quỳnh says:

    What it should end
    Not the last one

  8. and why did all the stone bunch up in tonys hand?

  9. how come thanos was putting on the power stone on? He already had it on when hulk snapped!

  10. You just copied HISHE

  11. Anna Murray says:

    The misogyny in these comments because Captain Marvel saved the day is insane… realistically that would have worked in the movies if it had actually been done. Y'all really hate strong, independent and powerful women.

  12. I’m sorry I don’t like the ending and I’m sure that robots can’t have kids :T

  13. anos ahmed says:

    what cartoon style you use for your characters

  14. Ending #2 is my favourite

  15. I love number 2 ending

  16. Adammaster X says:

    Is this channel for kids?
    Because the last ending was well kind of an inappropriate joke
    But still funny

  17. I seriously hate captain marvel she's just annoying in my opinion and she is not the strongest avenger

  18. Why is thanos wearing iron mans gauntlet

  19. Usman says:

    0:50 its mar-vel not marvel

  20. kubam 301 says:

    1:00 R.I.P. all white men

  21. Lol attack of titans

  22. Jaya Lakshmi says:

    It is really nice because Tony will lived

  23. Is this is one of the happy fathers day videos?!

  24. Did you get the nebula x tony idea from a meme??

  25. Ash Ketchum says:

    You forget black widow

  26. Can’t believe you got penny to mention attack on Titan

  27. TAWD says:

    Hishi but ok

  28. PNB Caro says:

    1:20 thanos is a villiger in minecraft

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