11478 WATCH NOW: PLAN B (60mins Valentine Movie Special)

WATCH NOW: PLAN B (60mins Valentine Movie Special)

PLAN B is a digital/TV Film Written/Directed by LowlaDee, produced by Sarah hassan and brought to you with love this Valentines day right here on the LowlaDee YouTube channel, in partnership with Kenyan Production company, Alfajiri Productions.

Synopsis: One night. A brutal break up. A drinking spree, and a one night stand with a mysterious man. Few months later and pregnant, Lisa Waweru, a broke stylist, discovers this mysterious man to be Dele Coker, a successful Nigerian CEO based in Nairobi and expanding in East Africa. She and her best friend Joyce, must come up with the perfect plan to have him pay his dues. This must change their lives forever!

Starring: Sarah Hassan, Catherine Kamau Karanja, Daniel Etim Effiong, Lenana Kariba, Justin Mirichii, Zahraa Khassam, Chantelle Naisola, Mary Gacheri.

Written, Directed and Edited by LowlaDee (Dolapo Adeleke)
Produced by Sarah Hassan
Executive Producers: LowlaDee and Sarah Hassan

Production Manager: Wangui Ngunjiri
Cinematographer: Victor Ombogo
Gaffer/KeyGrip: Walter Odhiambo
Location Sound: Grishon Onyango
Assistant Camera: Ronald Ronics
Makeup: Alex Gakumo
Sound Mastering/Mixing: Otiende Noah

Music Feature Links:
MILELE by Agolla: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcEGoQlE-60
USED TO IT by Wangechi: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INdKHEFBVvk
LegaMegaSega by Wangechi:
ROUND and ROUND Tetu Shani: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vt8y9wwtYE
CHEMISTRY by Tetu Shani Ft. Mayonde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_7duvioLjQ
ISIKUTI LOVE by Mayonde: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HH_ISNsMXN8

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Contact LowlaDee via her website www.lowladee.com

A Alfajiri Production and LowlaDee Originals Collaboration. All rights reserved ©2019.

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42 reviews - WATCH NOW: PLAN B (60mins Valentine Movie Special)

  1. Jocye is full of life love her so much

  2. Beautiful connection! Great acting! He is charming.

  3. Chuuma says:

    Ladies talking on behalf of majority of Kenyan men. WE DON'T WANT DRAMA IN OUR RELATIONSHIP, WE LOVE NICE GIRLS, WE DON'T LIKE HOES AND DRAMA QUEENS. I don't know who raised this dumbass.

  4. Excellent movie.

  5. That is an excellent movie ? . God work his way so slow and simple in this couple relationship. Wowww nice . ? love it ? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  6. One hell of a movie the loveliest movie… The actors r amazing the dressing is on point.. The script was well written… Desevers the best Kenyan movie awards ❤️????❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. Damn that guy said she's too available and that his getting bored damn if my bf said that i would've take that shit out him. Actually his right she's too nice and available ????

  8. this is the best movie ever you all need to make a lot more like this

  9. jonsay241 says:

    Great movie

  10. I really love dis movie a lot….kiddos to producer….
    Can sum1 help me with the name of the music played???

  11. Did anyone else have a silly smile on their face almost throughout the movie??

  12. I absolutely Adore thisMovie on multiple levels

  13. John Moore says:

    First Kenyan movie I'm watching and I loved it.

  14. I really enjoyed this movie

  15. precious j says:

    What yet medical office is that

  16. A very nice movie. Yeah Joyce is aight.

  17. This is spectacular, we need more like this❤️

  18. loved this movie but wish that it was a bit longer tears when he came back for her so sweet so cute ,,,,love can be a beautiful thing

  19. newmika7 says:

    Love this movie it's need a part two ❤️

  20. Wow, got me smiling all along, that actress got really soft and clean fingers

  21. Abazu Ruby says:

    LowlaDee, Your work is always so perfect.

  22. Good job guys
    Much love❤❤ from Zambia

  23. Supa??plz get moving , we need more of you ????

  24. This is more than a movie with plenty love from Cameroon ??

  25. Loooovvvveeeeee this movie

  26. If you are watching this film again please hit the like button. 17:15 'hardcore Nigerian Kenyan fetish' pretty awesome

  27. Golda Pure says:

    Food over reputation. Joyce…. !?

  28. Lovely enjoyable movie. Joyce is very funny and the couple had a beautiful chemistry. Loved it

  29. Watching for the second time,can’t get enough ?

  30. Great production! 100%

  31. I love this Kenyan creativity as well as simplicity… And Joyce (Celina), she is always the best. I follow her everywhere!!! Keep it up!!! ??????

  32. Mary Love says:

    This is perfect proud to be a Kenyan


  34. part 2 next valentine please

  35. I am so visiting Kenya by God's grace next year. You guys do have a lot of beautiful people. I am coming to have fun and make friends. Probably a dude. This looks different from the idea i had growing up.

  36. Aaaaaaaw????? this movies is clean love love love it??? but i was not prepared for kansiime????

  37. Am watching this for the 5th time??

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