30268 Washington: Official Trailer | Three-Night Miniseries Event Premieres Feb. 16 @ 8/7c | History

Washington: Official Trailer | Three-Night Miniseries Event Premieres Feb. 16 @ 8/7c | History

HISTORY’s six-hour, three-night miniseries event “Washington” will chip away at the bronzed and marbled image of America’s first President and bring to life the man whose name is known to all, but whose epic story is understood by few. Narrated by Emmy award-winning actor Jeff Daniels (“The Newsroom,” “Godless”) and executive produced by world-renowned presidential historian and Pulitzer Prize®-winning bestselling author Doris Kearns Goodwin, “Washington” will premiere over Presidents’ Day weekend airing consecutively on Sunday, February 16, Monday, February 17 and Tuesday, February 18 at 8pm ET/PT.
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33 reviews - Washington: Official Trailer | Three-Night Miniseries Event Premieres Feb. 16 @ 8/7c | History

  1. Wish there was a documentary on Hispanics who fought in the American Revolution! We helped Washington from the south! It wasn't just the French! You're welcome America!

  2. Finally something historical.

  3. delcons says:

    Jeff Daniels UGH

  4. Nickpooch says:

    I miss the days when the History was truly about ice road truckers, pawn stores, and ancient aliens.

  5. Washington was a rebel. Just because him being a rebel does not align with “progressive” contemporary politics, don’t distort early American history.

  6. ronleon says:

    Oh look, left-wing nut job Joseph Ellis is in there too. Maybe he can tell us why if Washington was around today, he would hate the republicans.

  7. Geo MS says:

    Turn: Washington's Spies

  8. Deusirae79 says:

    Makes me want to get Assassin's Creed III Remastered.

  9. Oh Lord…what garbage…I was waiting to see aliens come to the rescue!

  10. This is awful.

  11. B. Schade says:

    They need to fire their producers for hiring the wardrobe and art department. The tape on the stacked rifles and drum are really classy.

  12. The History Channel used to be good. Now after watch such pap as Sons of Liberty and The Story of US (aside from Monster Trucks, Swamp People, Aliens, etc), this makes me a bit nervous.

  13. STEVE P says:

    He was a Major at 22.

  14. Excited for this

  15. History is about to repeat itself in Richmond VA, better start documenting that.

  16. Jmx2020 says:

    Now Donald trump in president. Is the complete opposite of what Washington stood for

  17. And history will repeat itself come Monday in Virginia where it all started Democrats cant see they are just like the Confederates wanted to split the Nation like California wants to but now over a Election.

  18. “All men are created equa…” unless you are black.

  19. Anyone know who’s singing the song in this trailer?

  20. Bowen says:

    I don’t want another documentary, I want like a show. Like sons of Liberty

  21. Bowen says:

    Clinton was impeached

  22. Bowen says:

    Yes! More founding fathers movies!

  23. Get rid of the corrupt politicians talking about the great man Washington was. Other than that, I cant wait to watch this

  24. KSH172 says:

    Oh no they got pedophile bill cljnton to talk about it, hard pass now.

  25. Quasarnugz says:

    HEY HISTORY CHANNEL How about those PICTURES That surfaced in the LAST MONTH of Clinton On EPSTEINS Airplane ????? YOUR A JOKE

  26. Cant wait for this propaganda

  27. Quasarnugz says:

    Hey HISTORY CHANNEL Research some HIstory !!! Clinton wife did her Thesis on how great MAO WAS …. YOUR A JOKE !

  28. Bernie Sanders is the 21st Century George Washington. He's going to unite the people in a political revolution to take down the tyrannical corporate lead establishment. No taxation without representation. Why does all of our tax dollars go to giving corporations like John Deere and Amazon 0$ in taxes? These corporations (100 of them in 2019 paid 0$ in taxes) pay less taxes than undocumented immigrants combined. Why are we focused on people making peanuts when the Rich steal from the working class then ship their jobs away to foreign countries.Wake up.

  29. HKGuns says:

    Liberty ?

  30. Democrats would impeach him…

  31. Скукота….. в истории США нет ничего интересного. Уж лучше бы про Россию снимали

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