Warframe | Rising Tide Update Trailer – coming soon to PC!

Rising Tide is coming soon to PC! Build the Dry Dock, assemble your Railjack and prepare for Empyrean. What will begin as a hangar will evolve into your sanctuary, a space to hone and upgrade your ship with powerful technology to become the weapon you’ll need.

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31 reviews - Warframe | Rising Tide Update Trailer – coming soon to PC!

  1. Red Horizon says:

    Time to build the SS Morr Cakk

  2. Snoob Dude says:

    Wait… So we should Collect every parts of the "Ship" first, and then Blast fool second

  3. When is the release date for PS4?

  4. James Santos says:

    "Coming soon"

  5. The Shinobi says:

    "A weapon to surpass metal gear!"

  6. Lol rip every other console!

  7. Eating crow… a lot with anonymous accounts are eating it now that shitposted this will be a 2020 release. Glorious.
    Signed, Day One "Master" grade ninja from Steam. Big hugs.

    Know it all know-it-alls, surely they do. Everyone? Give those now walking back shitposting some big hugs.


  8. jack winter says:

    after 2 years we can finally build a garage we will ignore……

  9. Only wait 1 year more 🙂

  10. Brumski says:

    They weren't lying when they said soon. (for once)

  11. asddfjkkl says:

    yeet railjack is here nc, after the content drought

  12. We are going on a trip, on our favorite rocket ship.

  13. "A home" …… if these replace orbiters, I definitely won't be upset.

  14. Gieal cmso says:

    Waframe needs to go underwater

  15. So… we get to build a garage?

  16. klr2003 says:

    Can your kuva liches work for you on the railjack?

  17. Blasty says:

    It's out! Holy shit that was the fastest "SOON" in the history of "SOON"!

  18. blackoutnowx says:

    So it is a clan ship?
    That's disappointing.

  19. Dawid ek says:

    We already had Old Blood, calm down

  20. kenshi 556 says:

    Does anyone else want Cy to be our new ship cephalon

  21. And here I can barely kill 150 for the daily and some others killing like 2500 with Saryn

  22. Nino Nice says:

    Same old tired shit. Nothing new. Zzzxxxxxxx.

  23. Anonymous 1 says:

    And I just updated to the Old Blood on console … fuck


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