12591 Wakandan Rework for Ultimus 7 Needed - MARVEL Strike Force - Sponsored by Amazon

Wakandan Rework for Ultimus 7 Needed – MARVEL Strike Force – Sponsored by Amazon

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20 reviews - Wakandan Rework for Ultimus 7 Needed – MARVEL Strike Force – Sponsored by Amazon

  1. Azzy says:

    Nah, leave them as they are. I, personally, like having the "WE WUZ KANGS meme team" in the game.

  2. Their justification will be that Wakanda is the best team, the Minn Erva hybrids aren't a "team.". They are better than Shield, Defenders, SV, Kree, Hand, Avengers, etc.

  3. "Share the top spot"…um, no. Like, not even close.

  4. jay howard says:

    Wakanda rework????? They just came out. The Avengers need a rework desperately.

  5. I've always thought they have been under powered.

  6. Trevor you should do a video on how Enter the Darkness becomes a useless game mode after completing it twice. i mean atleast give 100k gold for completion after that or something

  7. Rafael S says:

    Come on we know they are top based on level 75… bring on the level cap increase (might regret thet)

  8. Tame says:

    Completely agree. I spent alot of resources in wakanda and would love to see them be great.

  9. I have to agree. FN did promise a great raid team. Like you and others they're just meh.

  10. Mark G says:

    Can we save this conversation till they are lv 75

  11. This line about them needing T4 mats is a red herring. Wakandans problem is survivability. Very few of the abilities you might spend T4 mats on increase their survivability. They're great fun when they are overleveled for content but they just fold in anything challenging. They are the opposite of what a raid team should be. Either someone outside of development decided to sell them as a raid team or it's very poor design from the devs. As an aside there could be ramifications (and not sure if it's true) saying people are disappointed because ME is better – that's just going to get ME nerfed.

  12. Funny that you mentioned them to be on par with Spiderverse. I was just saying to my alliance the other day that they are exactly like them. Promised to be this and that, and really all they are is a blitz team that if i am lucky, get like a 66% win rate out of in tier 8. Wakanda needs a buff for sure. Otherwise i will stick with my GT13 Minnerva and Ultron..

  13. Billy Gunn says:

    Mine are even lower at 126k power. No intention of working on them right now. X-Men are my priority. Just farming starsthe 2 that are in stores at moment.

  14. Neotox999 says:

    Any 300k can do better imo…

  15. Also I can't believe that guy took the risk on that wakanda team and it's 2nd highest 3rd highest I've spider vs we're is his bkt Ultron team. I mean there's enough footage on your and twitch of 250-320k wakanda teams that anyone can see there not cut out for u6 or 7

  16. I also think u7 rewards would be great if there were good orb frags. Then they would be like goat status imo

  17. Oh as in watching he built the team wrong. The devs stated they need to be all 7 gold stars and 6-7 reds with 17 t4s so it won't work yet. That's the problem ????? with some good rng they can beat u6 but still that should not b

  18. Wakanda just like shield war and blitz team I put defendez over both of them defendez are not just a war and blitz team but all a t4 block party team and also can be used in all of Nexus 4 in 1 team

  19. Foxnext will say every new team or character is the next big thing, basically. Simple

    The Wakandans didn't live up to the "hype" that Foxnext pumped them up with.

    Won't be the last time this happens

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