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Us – Movie Review

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Jordan Peele brings us his next thriller, about a family being terrorized by another family which bears a stiking resembalance to themselves. Here’s my review us US!

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38 article reviews Us – Movie Review

  1. Ray Cox

    Acting was horrible and the story sucked.

  2. Kunisake

    Just finished it, I thought it was just as good as Get Out if not better. I thought it very disturbing, the music is phenomenal, the acting is great, and the twists really got me. Another 9.1/10

  3. memento7979

    Sucks, overrated.

  4. Give me A break

    You now yo much man

  5. 50repucent

    This movie is straight dodo

  6. Michael Mujadin

    not to steal steam or credit from Keele, but is it that he's such an amazing director that after one film that he revitalized a genre or was it that a genre has become so stale that literally one well done film gets a director so much attention that it literally builds so much hype for their next film?

  7. Brandon Westbrook

    This movie SUUUUUUUCKED! God awful. So sick of these “critics” praising these boring ass bullshit movies. It was NOT horror. It was NOT a Thriller. It was corny and stupid. This duck says this movie was “intense”. 🤣🤣🤣 I bet he saves butterflies n shit too.. pussy

  8. ThisisFerrariKhan

    This movie was garbage…I’m mad my lady made me rent it last night for 5.99 on Amazon 😤 the acting was overacted with TERRIBLE plot and unguided direction.


    Movie is dope af.

  10. theFareulookinat

    Wtf you thought this movie was good? Im disappointed

  11. Kevin Veguilla

    This Movie Sucks…

  12. D Michelle

    I liked the humor and its odd placement in the middle of the action. The odd timing of it was part of the humor. Alas, To each his own.

  13. Jesse 1437

    Jeremy…you done lost your mind!!! You typically lead me in the right direction, but how you liked this trash is beyond me.
    Us is one of the worst movies I’ve seen in years. So ridiculous. So stupid. So not scary or entertaining. It’s like mannequins were told to overact while the writers gave high fives for typing the word “the.”

  14. Ken Thomas

    As long as it's not white shaming like Get Out

  15. DeanKnight333

    This film was awful on multiple levels.
    Were these reviewers payed off or something??

  16. Travis Talks

    Movie was boring, sorry!

  17. Well,crap

    How tf did people like this movie
    The acting and plot was just pure shit

  18. kulani meme

    I liked this movie I don't get why people don't like it

  19. DeadBoiClique

    I really thought winston duke was tyler perry

  20. Wolferal

    This movie is so overrated. It's goofy. It's not very scary, and it's long.

  21. ill santos

    I'm willing to bet that people who didn't like the movie have a lower IQ than the people who liked it.

  22. M Gee

    can you shut the fuck up and focus focus on the movie quick fast and painless (all your yammering)

  23. Star

    problem with jordan is,tht his movies sucked,and no1 say anything about it probably because scared being labeled as racist….

  24. Michelle Hernandez

    Just saw this movie last night and it was such a waste of my time… Not even the twist at the end made it better😒

  25. Kpt Ackbar

    I liked Get Out, but it wasnt really good, just good. But "Us" – totally wasted potential. It wasnt even horror. It was family thriller with bits of comedy and lots of plotholes. Kind of dissapointed. Acting, music and visuals were outstanding but thats it… Also, Jordan Peele has real problems in these movies with giving everything away in the third act like in some scooby doo movie. Literally EVERYTHING. Its really boring and unsatysfaing move. Its like "transformers" level horror, where you dont even have to think to have everything explained to you and there could be some crazy theories about these movies if u didnt knew everything while leaving theathre. It could be more unsettling if it remained at least partially a mystery. And for concepts as big as are revealed in those movies (SPOILERS – real, working hypnosis, or cloning people on a massive scale), there are a lots of plotholes. Its all explained as if the viewer was stupid and later it for sure thinks you are, as it presumes you forgot about other ridiculous stuff that had to happen so this plot could even be possible (Not supervised, open for anyone, cloning facility in public place – yeah, what do i care – i would rather for them to be some supernatural things, cause that some stupid shit and it doesnt make movie "more grounded in reality"). So it immiedieatly makes the movie worse, cause stupid things like that take you out of it to the point you dont even care, cause at that point, there are no rules. I was just bored watching "Us" and little upset with amount of praise for it that bring me to watch it :/

  26. TG5455

    After seeing Peele on MadTV back in the day, I'm happy for Peele that he's doing well but let's slow down with this hype of being the greatest director to ever lived talked after he did two movies.

  27. Allen Jun Genoraga

    it's shit. thank God I watch it online for free. still felt bad I wasted almost 2hrs of my life.

    leaving this comment here to save your time. hahaha

  28. Psycho Unicorn

    It sucks let's be honest

  29. Nate B

    This movie was terrible and a waste of money. The story has so many disconnects and does not explain much or further the scenes. You want me to believe that everyone in the world lived in a small basement…. um what. The end did not need to be explained over and over because it was predictable. The movie was boring and uninteresting. The movie looked like a low budget film with a story he took from Twilight Zone. The scary character's voice was annoying and amateur. The movie was confusing and boring rather than creative.

  30. Creopl Tily

    Are you trying to jinx Peele with that comparison to Shyamalan?😰


    OK. Here's the real review.

    1. The story was original.
    2. The acting was phenomenal.
    3. The plot twist at the end was great.


    They're the only good points about this hugely cliché movie. Not once was I scared, not once did it make me jump. I could read every scene like a book. There's 100 loose ends that need tidying up.

    Oh but wait, the cast was black!! Oh well here, take my token vote for an Oscar… No. It was average at best. It wasn't horror. It wasn't scary. It was just a fresh idea executed averagely… I found it garbage personally if I'm honest. I was like… "is that it?" by the end…

    Move 3/10
    Story 8/10
    Acting 10/10
    Everything else 4/10
    Overall 5/10

    Honest opinion.

    BTW. Blade trilogy is one of my favourite trilogies so don't call me a racist you 2019 cucks.

  32. Madeline Yob

    honestly i was rlly hoping this movie would be better but i was highly disappointed. i thought it was much too comical, the plot was crazy, they used a whole scene to explain what was happening and frankly i laughed more than i was scared. acting was decent but some lines of the characters seemed ridiculous to the situation.

  33. Archie Clarke

    Jordan Peele’s got a unique style of the horror genre that is so good like so good

  34. Apollo

    Us wasted my 10 dollars and spat on the face of movies as an art imo. From a perspective of a person watching the movie, not already following it's every move and obsessing about it, it was horrible.

    Not to discredit the actors which did a good job with what they had.

    My reason why, it's freaking looney tunes. Look at any of the action scenes other than the one ending one and 99% of the time, it's like they're played off as jokes. In no way was it sinister as it didn't break the facade of being a crappy slasher film. There was people trying to kill other people. If you're looking at it from that lens, the whole "dragging people down" perspective means nothing.


    Seriously: Competence comes from understanding your medium and conveying a message. No message was given with the film experience only.

  35. Carlito Catubig

    It don’t take much to entertain me but this movie made me fall💤

  36. corpus FUSION

    I can't believe you liked this shit. Every horror film you shit on it but this one you liked. I'll say for you, this movie is the most "overcompensation" reviewed film ever. Really? The writing didn't tell why, what, and how these "underground people" exist. The treat was so WEAK, I never felt the family was in any real danger or any harm for coming to them. Stop overcompensation this trash and point out the writing flaws as you do with every horror film you review.

  37. Derrick Best

    I saw where he was going with the entire film but some scenes didn't make sense. Or the dialogue. Maybe I watch cinema sins too much to be pulled into a movie now.

  38. Amar Chandler

    Beginning started of awesome, the middle was meh and the last few minutes were awesome. Cast was awesome though. Lupita killed it in both roles.

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