Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Deaths

These terrifying horror movie deaths left us sleeping with the lights on! Our list includes some of the genre’s bloodiest kills, scariest villains, and most shocking jump scares, with death scenes from “It” (2017), “Scream” (1996), “The Blair Witch Project” (1999), “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre” (1974), and more! What horror movie death most scared the bejesus out of YOU? Let us know in the comments!

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List rank and entries:
10) Georgie Denbrough
9) Jack Goodman
8) Casey Becker
7) Kirk
6) Judith Meyers
5) Keith Jennings
4) Heather
3, 2 & 1: ?

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46 reviews - Top 10 Scariest Horror Movie Deaths

  1. Fun fact: I had to buy a see-through shower curtain because I'm afraid of killers hiding in the shower. Have any of these scary deaths ever inspired you to change your behavior IRL?

  2. Jay Bee says:

    1:16 pause when this clown bites this kid lol

  3. Mike Leoul says:

    i like ur top 10 but this one is lame as it is all from movies that were made 1000yrs ago and their effect is truly garbage not scary at all even depressing pls let the oldies die dont bring them back

  4. Love Lovi says:

    Its that real

  5. Finally a face to the voice.

  6. Soupies GT says:


  7. Lisa Soares says:

    Was the Halloween one her being fucked to death or slashed by her 6 year old brother?

  8. Laban Warner says:

    Answer to the question definently alien chest burst cuz at least its a cool way to go

  9. Really thought the ring was going to be on here

  10. Lucas Chng says:

    Every saw death should be here

  11. Ian Kelley says:

    watchmojo lady looks exactly like i always pictured her in my head, its crazy.

  12. For that “would you rather”, I’d take getting stabbed. Getting eaten by a shark and getting chestbursted just sound so damn brutal. So stabbing is usually a softer way to go out

  13. Papaw Shane says:

    I'd much rather hear the the voice over and see the person doing it.

  14. Justin Spencer from Eraserhead? that scene is scary as frick! He gets poked in the lungs and his head almost flies off.

  15. Stabbed in the shower

  16. I love all ur works here,it gives me joy.I even downloaded some of it so I can watch it offline..Awesome!!! God bless your continued tireless effort. More power to ur channel!!!????????

  17. Ed Strauss says:

    this lady's voice is iconic

  18. Abraham Soto says:

    The little boy who played Georgie in the remake of IT is from Phoenix, AZ

  19. Pixisoup says:

    Pyramid Head from silent hill ripping that girls skin off… i can never unsee

  20. Kim Marie says:

    fun fact
    the new format for these SUCKS

  21. Kim Marie says:

    sorry but the way she said 'swimming'

  22. Saif Mohamed says:

    jaws is not a horror movie

  23. bree Minifie says:

    Best U tube channel ever

  24. u forgot the terrifier kills udf

  25. #1 is definitely disgusting

  26. Stabbed

    I’m tough

  27. Excellent excellent list.

  28. It was good to finally hear the voice that scripts these videos…

  29. Pennywise is 1800 like seriously is that supposed to be scary he looked like he didn't brush his teeth for like 15 million years so he got crooked and cavties in his teeth

  30. Pingu Fan says:

    People must be sensitive if they're to believe Blair Witch Projector is scary lol

  31. Fun fact

    In Alien nobody else knew what was going on. Ridley Scott didn't tell them about this scene when they started.

  32. Chris Grey says:

    seriously how can you make a list like this and not mention any the deaths from The Grudge movies.

  33. Chris Grey says:

    it funny how we haven't seen another Omen movie after the remake I was the first Omen movie. I think the new Halloween movie should have take place after Halloween 2 instead of taking place after first one.

  34. Matt Davison says:

    I love Rebecca’s voice most of all the narrators in WatchMojo. She is also very pretty ??

  35. Lobo says:

    To be honest, the most terrifying with the scene in Alien, is the sounds John Hurt/Kane is making, Hope I never get to experience that amount of pain.

  36. You are very ill Rebecca?

  37. More like "How could the kill from psycho be scary at all." No offense but its kinda a boring and pathetic kill.

  38. I'm Really Shocked Right Now I Didn't Know That Pennywise Kills Children, I Think That IT is The First Horror Movie That Includes Children Deaths.

  39. Foebane72 says:

    5:20 Michael's face here does NOT look "emotionless" to me, he looks "terrified"!

  40. Psycho is nothing scary compared to the death in terrifier

  41. Georgie’s last word was: REALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Dragged into sewer

  42. Why couldn’t Georgie just get up and run? He has legs for a reason.

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