Top 10 IT Moments Too Creepy for the Movies

These are the top 10 moments from Stephen King’s “It” that were cut from “It” (2017) and “It Chapter Two” (2019), both directed by Andy Muschietti. Some things are just too much for the silver screen! We’re not saying that the creative or production team specifically axed these moments, but with ranges from monsters to larger societal issues we can understand how these scenes and themes from the book might have been considered too big, creepy, or disturbing for movie-goers. From Eddie’s leper, to the Bradley Gang, to the Black Spot, we’ve got It covered. We’ll be discussing both the 2017 adaptation and its 2019 sequel so, fair warning: from here on, spoilers abound.

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35 reviews - Top 10 IT Moments Too Creepy for the Movies

  1. Janet Shaw says:

    I dont blame henry bowers

  2. The character Patrick Hockstetter and how he suffocated animals in an abandoned fridge in a dump was one of the most shocking things in the book to me. In one particular case it takes several days for one of the animals to die.

  3. Duke Luft says:

    Y’all notice how penny wise sounds like Winnie the pooh

  4. Andrew Haase says:

    5. Speaking of which, if you make Top 10 Worst Movie Parents, you'd better put EVERY. SINGLE. PARENT from It on the list!

  5. Ardell Izzy says:

    4:47 the painting of it on the wall disappears when Stanley stands in front of it

  6. Jay Martinez says:

    6:04 the death of eddie corcoran? When it says edward corcoran.

  7. Did you know that Richie is actually gay

  8. I just read when Stanley died?

  9. Josh Carbine says:

    We all knew what #1 was going to be

  10. actually Henry did not go alone he went with his friends to the well house and in a deleted scene it shows that Henry actually killed them

  11. Ryan Cox says:

    What about the turtle god

  12. Bianca Bloom says:

    ❗️WARNING ❗️
    If you have photo sensitive epilepsy don’t go to see this! The entire climax is flashing lights.
    I’m pissed that there was no warning.
    I missed the end of the film that I was most excited to see in 2019

  13. 4:32 Oh god, even the walls aren't safe from Pennywise's influence.

  14. Thess says:

    Minor niggle: there was still a Black Spot fire in the 2017 one. It's just that it happened in the 60s and it was a fairly standard nightclub, whereas the book version was a NCO club on the local army base that allowed visitors and had most of the young adults of Derry cramming into the place every weekend. I can see why they did it given the time-skip for the remake, but it kind of blurs in with Mike's parents dying in the apartment fire and Mike's more personal tragedy takes most of the impact from the whole Legion of White Decency thing.

  15. black out says:

    The secret to killing pennywise: roasting him

  16. MrMarvelNerd says:

    PENNYWISE: Hello Ricky Also Pennywise just 27 years earlier: Hiya Gorgie

  17. No sabia q este canal tenia una version en Ingles :0

  18. Osyrus Alpha says:

    Yeah Beverly gang bang

  19. 2:13 did I just hear lil pumps word eskettit?

  20. Is the movie or penny wise real

  21. The kid orgy I agree is WAY to disturbing but The deaths of Patrick ,Eddie C & Adrian runs a pretty damn close second…

  22. MastaSmack says:

    New voice over actor?

  23. Parker says:

    Patrick Hockstetter's death in the book, while rightfully deserved, was entirely too gruesome for an on-screen remake, and this was my first thought when i saw this video

  24. Steve Hunt says:

    Stephen King is an absolute GENIUS

  25. Nada Doyle says:

    The destruction of the town (like the destruction of the town in Carrie) confirms the idea that IT is a product of the hate, intolerance, violence, etc. already existent in the town. In Carrie, Carrie becomes the destroying "hand of God" depicted in the photos in the closet her mother punished her in, punishing the town for being the breeding ground of all of the negativity there that manifested itself in the way she was treated. After punishing the people who wronged her, Carrie burns down much of the town and it's left mostly a ghost town thereafter. IT is the embodiment of the ugliness that the town produces that deeply wounds the kids of Derry, wounds they thought they had dealt with when they were young, but that emerged again in the town and caused them to confront the garbage they thought they'd rid themselves of. Purging themselves of this old crap is further represented by the sinking of the town into the sewers of its own evil.

  26. You forgot about the miniseries.

  27. That voice is so fu#king annoying

  28. I'm literally watching this at 3 am.

  29. To be fair, King was on Cocaine when he write It

  30. Urbanshake says:

    The scariest thing ?! Your annoying manic delivery. I don’t think Easter Eggs means what you think it means…

  31. Hossman84 says:

    But they were in the movies……soooooooo, yeah, watchmojo is still a trash channel

  32. It's amazing to me why Stephen King was never put into prison. So, child pornography is illegal in visual form, but in written form, it's perfectly acceptable? That's asinine; he should be in prison for what he depicted in that novel.

  33. Ryan Edwards says:

    Honestly…book Patrick Hocksteter got just what he deserved. In this movie, he got off light. Granted, they should have shown the absolute monster he was in some way in the new movie, but his death in the book never once elicited any amount of sympathy from me or probably any reader. And having read the novel, his death in the movie was fitting, but I didn't feel bad for him in the slightest.

    That was probably the only time It met something a little worse than him and said: You know, we can't both be around here…towns only need one monster. But kid…you are so wrong I just have to make sure they don't have to put up with you.

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