This Racing Life – A FOX Sports film | FOX SPORTS FILMS

A film that profiles two young racers and their families in the unique world of grassroots racing in America. “This Racing Life” explores how racing binds communities together and what drives the quest of young racers to make it into NASCAR.

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This Racing Life – A FOX Sports film | FOX SPORTS FILMS

Fox Sports

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21 reviews - This Racing Life – A FOX Sports film | FOX SPORTS FILMS

  1. Mike F says:

    What an extraordinary young lady…

  2. We need more people like her in racing and in life. Very special young lady.

  3. Ray Ritchie says:

    What a special thing!!
    Need more just like her…
    Great for the kids ?

  4. Amazing young woman right there! Keep God first and stay down the path you have chosen!

  5. I gotta stop chopping onions now

  6. Omg im blubbering like a schoolgirl. That beautiful little is an angel sent from the heavens wow so much love in her it makes you think. Who have i helped today. So great thank you for sharing this great message im still in tears.

  7. Josh Wiley says:

    Great story. Amazing work you have done McKenna. Please continue and keep those kids dreams alive. One race can make anyone forget about the struggle of life. That’s why it’s so special. Thank you to fox for sharing.

  8. What a Great human being. GOD speed.

  9. need more of this and dirt racing!

  10. I teared up three minutes into the video. Great job McKenna, you are truely an inspiration! God Bless you young lady you have a bright future!

  11. Paul Tani says:

    That story is absolutely full of heros god bless you all

  12. sc1212able says:

    Wonderful story, she is amazing, such a huge heart, she deserves the spotlight and a corporate sponsor and maybe a little help from Tony Stewart…….

  13. McKenna WOW amazing story

  14. Freddy Racer says:

    Girl you are the gift from god we need more people like you in this world ??

  15. Paine Kelly says:

    That’s just dirt racing check out Isabella robusto

  16. What a story your are a great person

  17. Awesome story God bless this young woman

  18. Thank you NASCAR and Thank you FOX! THIS is what you should be doing more of and less coverage of the big NASCAR series. Us little guys have really felt forgotten with the rise of NASCAR. Kate's story really highlights not just one incredible story but shines a light on the Racing Community and how we reach deep in our pockets to help out the people to our left and right. I served 16 years in the military and the Racing Community was great at filling that void of doing something greater than yourself.

  19. Excellent story! This is what matters most.

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