THE WITCHER Official Trailer (HD) Henry Cavill


You can’t outrun destiny just because you’re terrified of it. Henry Cavill is Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher arrives December 20.


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48 reviews - THE WITCHER Official Trailer (HD) Henry Cavill

  1. jebes909090 says:

    This trailer is 5/5 spoons

  2. 0:30 Some kind orgy in the back

  3. Shane Hughes says:

    Love how when Henry Cavill was cast everyone moaned he was too pretty. Now everyone agrees he's perfect lol

  4. When is the release date i still cant seem to get a definite answer on this damn question!??? Cannot wait any longer maaaahnnn….

  5. Wrong actor for the job, too nice

  6. That swordplay, it's really awful. You can't swat somebody in full plate armor away with a one armed sword swish like he did at 1:00

    It's terrible. And I mean awful, cheesy and terrible.

  7. Jose Palacio says:

    What is witcher?

  8. DBFL FISHING says:

    I think movie looks cool as heck and only Netflix people get to watch boo ya.

  9. Herny is fucking hot!

  10. Kemoo! says:

    Finally, a good trailer

  11. Lilac Flour says:

    Merry Christmas! ?

  12. I cab't wait anymore,I want to see him in this show so much,I think that Henry Cavill is an incredible actor and a nice person too,I love him so much???????

  13. Hissrich, the showrunner, pushing WOKE and identity politics. Fuck this shit show.

  14. Why does he have an English accent in the series? ?

  15. CV LV says:

    Didn't buy Cavill as Geralt until this trailer, still iffy on Yen but more willing to give it a go now.

  16. TheJ4RyD says:

    Garbage. Mark my words

  17. Decon says:

    Yes Yes Yes

  18. So what is WB'S reason for not having a man of steel 2……..Superman! Waiting for the explanation!…….there is none? OK then cavill as superman in Man of steel 2. Nuff said.

  19. LordMyron says:

    Man, he sounds the part but doesn't look it at. He looks too clean/virtuous imo. I hope they scruff him up a bit in postprod. He should be a stoic hero, Client Eastwood type of guy.

  20. Rodrigo says:

    Ooohhh plz netflix don't ruin this show plz

  21. A Kelly says: sword really..did they not play any of the games

  22. J Arm says:

    Yo shout out to Netflix .. this looks ill af

  23. Mickey Fam says:

    These niggas whack

  24. Tony B says:

    That's Rivia's ass!

  25. YES!!! I've been waiting for this!!!?

  26. I don't know if the story or the "look" is right (haven't played the games) but the swordplay in this is trailer is ON POINT. MUY ?????

  27. E=qual says:

    That was some of the best sword action I've seen

  28. Steph Ss says:

    Oh fun…more movies "othering".

  29. They should make a game based off this show

  30. Gouly Rivali says:

    Is some one able to name the song in this trailer??

  31. Klaus Nehren says:

    Didn't he have two swords?

  32. Ben Smith says:

    Must say.. casting Cavill as Gerlat is magic itself.. perfect combination. Let's hope it doesn't disappoint

  33. Study Case says:

    Cheering this on! I hope it is a huge success.

  34. I played the games, loved them. I’m stoked for this series. Let’s hope the lunatics on the left don’t try to destroy it.

  35. Ares8 says:

    Nice job netflix, you managed to butcher another series

  36. Dogboi76 says:

    Man of armour

  37. W0NK042 says:

    Trailer: Based on international best selling book series.

    Comments: FFSZOMFGWTFBBQ!?! This looks nothing like the game.

  38. Prince King says:

    Now can we have ourselves a DarkSouls Movie or two?

  39. Dancing Tree says:

    He actually sounds like Geralt from The Witcher 3 game. This is just amazing

  40. The medallion keeps annoying me …

  41. This shit is about to go HARD.Can't wait!

  42. jvier305 says:

    Ok i feep better about this now

  43. mandaryn says:

    Black sweet nice Yenefer? Cute sweet superman? Nice shit for America but far away from Witcher ? just another series with monsters, nothing more ?

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