The Road To F9 Concert & Trailer Drop

The Road to F9 Live Concert & Trailer Drop Event in Miami Friday, January 31, 2020. Featuring musical performances by Cardi B, Wiz Khalifa, Charlie Puth, Ozuna, and Ludacris.

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35 reviews - The Road To F9 Concert & Trailer Drop

  1. This film will be out three days before my birthday. ?

  2. 8:58 what’s that song ludacris rapping but it was awesome song

  3. Thanh Duong says:

    2:22 wait I don’t see anyone

  4. Madhavi M says:

    I missed Hobbs and Shaw?

  5. Did I just see a car swing across and a plane pick up a car in mid air… at this point I think the cars are decepticon. good to see hon back!!!!

  6. I am honestly only here for Charlie Puth

  7. Memi Arsow says:

    Han is back wowww

  8. Jaime 019 says:

    I can’t wait to see if Han explains how he survived

  9. Victor Galaz says:

    They have to make another Tokyo Drift after this f*cking Han is back!

  10. I am now even MORE hardcore fan of the Fast Saga….

  11. C'est mort fast and furious il ont arête au 2

  12. Han is still in his character. Having chips.

  13. Mejor que la mamada de Hob y shaw :v
    Espero q aparezcan al final o algo y que dejen de hacer cosas robóticas xd

  14. Nenddj says:

    10:46 cest les parodies bros

  15. SnakePo says:

    Yang dari indonesia hadir

    Like di sini??

  16. I can not wait to watch it this Summer of 2020 🙂

  17. Raunak Jais says:

    Oh man I missed the live stream. I had exams 🙁

  18. Domi says:

    Im a huge fast and furious fan but, i dont feel this one tho

  19. Ray Zheng says:

    Just here for Cardi!

  20. Cardib yesssss

  21. Stuntman Dan says:

    It was goin great, until Trashy B showed up….

  22. Gaurav Kun says:

    This video I'm watching only for charlie ..

  23. kobe25282528 says:

    Why is there only like 1k people there da fook

  24. Honey Bager says:

    Movie is literally my life me and my brother fight all the time

  25. Elvis Van says:

    3:45 Damn this girl on the right looks hott af?

  26. Honey Bager says:

    All the movies

    Reality-Me everyday in real life. I love cars

  27. CamMan says:

    I'm watching just for Han!

  28. Good Humor says:

    The reporter is a walking bilboard with that skirt lol

  29. Im so excited to see Han back on the big screen

  30. mrkyboy says:

    Me: taking time to appreciate that other asian guy / techie from Tokyo Drift…….

    Han: I'm back Modafakers

  31. Geeta Patel says:

    Great countries 38:40
    F9 making 1:02:10
    F9 trailer. 1:15:04

  32. luis esparza says:

    Earn that paycheck Tyrese.

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