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With the Mueller report complete, FRONTLINE’s “The Mueller Investigation,” tells the inside story of how we arrived at this moment. The film goes inside President Trump’s confrontations with the Department of Justice and the FBI in the early days of the Russia investigation, and explores the president’s attempt to undermine authorities as Mueller’s investigation heated up.

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45 reviews - The Mueller Investigation (full film) | FRONTLINE

  1. Austin Dunn says:

    it's funny to see the president speak calmly on a subject and then see ths media call it a rampage.

  2. CyNDi L says:

    Bought and paid for by yours TRULY, GEORGE SOROS!~ That says it all….BIAS, CROOKED, BRAINWASHING at its best!

  3. Clane Allen says:

    Every time election doesn't go to the Democrats way you always have something to investigate every single time now who's doing the witch hunts here

  4. Kyle W. says:

    Mueller volunteers to join the USMC during Vietnam and left a half million dollar a year job because he was more concerned with putting away bad guys…he's literally the opposite of trump

  5. Teri Kay says:

    It wasn’t 17 agencies . It was four

  6. I can't watch any more of this propaganda. 14 minutes…..I'm done. Can anyone tell me if they ever reveal how this whole fiasco got started? McCabe…..for crying out loud!

  7. Dwayne Coy says:

    Nothing but the same lies and propaganda seen every night for past 2 years on CNN and MSNBC. @8:30 – “they thought if they could just pluck Comey out the investigation would end”. That is simply a lie. Trump never felt that way and he went so far as to tell Lester Holt on that national televised interview that he new that by firing Comey when he did that the investigation would last longer not cut it short or even end it. That’s the exact opposite of what the clown in this report claims. And that’s not speculation, it’s in the transcript of the interview.

  8. Lisa Burns says:

    Trump 2020 MAGA/KAG

  9. TRUMP 2020!!! MAGA

  10. Dee N says:

    Reality is, Mueller has set up the stage the day Trump is no longer President. No one leaves without paying their DEBT.

  11. John Renwick says:

    Pretty biased documentary. Disappointing.

  12. Jim Stepan says:

    It's convenient how this film opened with the names of four people connected with the Trump campaign as "posing challenges to the FBI" but not a whisper about how the FBI investigation was started!
    Let's face facts! The Mueller Investigation's primary purpose was to muddy the waters that our President, Mr. Donald J Trump, has to navigate to the point where he crashes! Mueller was able to find dirt to charge these people simply to put fear in anyone connected with our President. No charges, or convictions, pertaining to "Russian collusion" were handed down..

    I wouldn't expect anything less than this report from the Preatorian Guard administrative class of "journalism" and "law enforcement" in power today..

  13. Lisa Mays says:

    How long before comments are disabled on this?

  14. l55centaur says:

    Yes, they had UNAUTHORIZED Access to SPY…SOON! You Liberal Leftist LOSERS will GO DOWN! Paybacks are a BIOTCH! God bless your Souls…

  15. penny kannon says:


  16. penny kannon says:


  17. One sided Democratic Warped perspective. They didn't say there was no collusion at the end and how they wasted 40 million dollars of tax money they need for infrastructure upgrades in Flint Michigan. Fake news and how did Robert Mueller become a special council when he was turned down for a job and wanted nothing more than to pay back trump for rejecting him. Clearly he was biased and seeked revenge because thats what dirty cops do.

  18. Rob Romeo says:

    As a sociopath who just likes watching the world burn, thank you for this. What a mess.

  19. all this does is confirm what millions of Americans already know…
    For the republicans, fake news/propaganda
    For the democrats, Trump obstructed justice.
    In reality both sides are clueless as to what is really going on. There is a group of people who have made it their goal to rule the world. They will succeed, either directly or through their children, or grandchildren, or the next gen, or the gen after that… they will succeed if it takes another 3000 years. Because they pass the dream onto their children.
    Right now the goal is to destroy America's economy and rebuild with a new moral authority as the banker…. the richest moral authority in the world. The one that sits on seven hills, and speaks blasphemy against God.
    It will all come down to this, do you worship a man, who claims to be God. Or do you worship God who created the heavens and the earth, the seas and springs, and everything that is in them?
    how do you acknowledge worship to one or the other? by swearing? by money donations? by kissing a ring? or by obeying the law set forth from God's own mouth. True love will overcome even death. For millions of Christians gave up their lives rather than change what they said. the same power that murdered people for owning a bible or refusing to baptize a baby will arise again, and woe to the earth, for Satan will sit at the head of it all claiming to be Jesus and working great miracles to prove it to the whole world.
    Those who speak the truth will be hunted and killed. Jesus will return before all are killed who follow him, though it may seem like you are the only one left alive, do not give up hope!
    Hold to the testimonies of Jesus and to the law of God. For these people will be numbered among the living when Jesus returns and calls the dead to life!
    If you do not see a lightning blast that encircles the earth, thousands of time larger and brighter than any other lightning ever seen, Jesus has not returned yet. If you do not see the dead shoot out of the graves by the millions as bullets flying from the muzzle of a gun, then Jesus has not returned yet. If you see someone claiming to be Jesus and his foot is touching the earth…. IT IS NOT JESUS!

  20. Adrian C says:

    Scum of a summary on the witch-hunt… i Can't Believe PBS….! Then again i look at their LIBERAL SPONSORS and the obvious Deep-State Communist mind heart and soul corrupt agenda to deceive The AMERICAN FREE SPIRIT our kids.

  21. P says:

    Frontline consists of Clinton lawyers, Washington Post, New York Times. FAKE NEWS!

  22. More leftist distortions of truth and outright lies. Not surprising.

  23. Russia Russia Russia ?

  24. Slk Ken176 says:

    By the way this one is yelping
    He's been hit REEEEEEEEL HARD ??

  25. vonSoest says:

    What a biased load of horse dung.

  26. cameraflyer says:

    PBS is so obviously biased against the president.

  27. Not Frontline too. Half truth news Come on guys, now I wonder if any of your stories are %100 actuate

  28. All those arrests and indictments not one was about collusion, obstruction. And if I remember right the Russians show up to court and are still waiting on the Government disclosure

  29. S H says:

    If this was Obama… all the Right wingers would’ve had a heart attack. Crazy to see people defending Trump like he’s a good President lmao. America serves better. Period.

  30. Joe Magnets says:

    As the recent hearing has shown, the JEW and israel are invisible to the FBI and all the other alphabet soup agencies that instead of protecting America from the TRAITORS, protects the JEW and 'our' JEW corrupted 'politicians' FROM THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.
    Joe Magnets

  31. Well done FRONTLINE.

  32. Peter Ladas says:

    And after all that he is innocent

  33. HvN says:

    Not a single fact besides this is bias. I thoughr this was going to be informitive not a narrative

  34. One sided journalism!

  35. RM chain says:

    Will Lyman…I have to say sir, you still are best voice over artist! I have heard excellent voices over the years, but you have the gift! May you keep doing what you do for many, many years.

  36. Frontline/pbs really should be ashamed. Probably %95 or better has been factually proven to be false lies and yet you publish this trash. You are the corruption, the true enemy of the people.

  37. miathapapaya says:

    Oh these comments are going to be a MESS

  38. Wow. Pure propaganda. Despicable. More fake news. If there are any adults still working at Frontline, I'm sure they are ashamed of this childlike disinformation production. I look forward to seeing their episode about the treasonous coup attempt when people from the Obama Administration start going to prison ? I'm curious how they will attempt to spin that….

  39. junior ortez says:

    Frontline…stop it already…we get your bias… You people want so badly to GET Him you've lost your are suppose to prrsent the facts without a BIAS !!!! and this whole presentation is propaganda 1984 style. Egg all over your face or should I say faces,,,PBS, NY Times CNN, Nadler, Pelosi etc…..thelist goes on but you aint foolin us Americans

  40. Scholar's will study this forever and be like wtf

  41. D.A. Risse says:

    MAGA 2020 !
    The weasels think we don't know the difference between Russia attempting to influence our election (as they've done for decades) and American citizens, or a President helping them.
    So much more information coming out now. Nothing less than a Leftist coup attempt.

  42. D.A. Risse says:

    No collusion. No obstruction.
    Producing part 2 to set the record straight? How about a special about fabricating false evidence to obtain FISA warrants.
    The media called him crazy when Trump claimed he was wiretapped. He was right !
    This is the Left weaponizing the DOJ, FBI, CIA in an attempted coup.

  43. Kyle Smith says:

    This documentary is so one sided. Couldn't you find anyone to objectively look at other viewpoints? Aaron Mate would have been a great buffer. I don't support Trump, but I also don't support news outlets that have an obvious partisan bias. That's why people are flocking to YouTube to get their news.

  44. mikky says:

    Why didn't this narrator have enough courage to say in the end that Muller found no evidence of collusion between trump and Russia. He is a coward and another liberal hack masquerading himself as a journalist. Shame!

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