22505 The Most Shocking Endings In Movie History

The Most Shocking Endings In Movie History

Seeing the characters we’ve spent a whole movie getting to know ride off into the sunset might be a great feeling, but sometimes a greater thrill can be found in a good shock. Luckily, there are plenty of writers and directors who are adept at leaving audiences utterly speechless as the credits roll. Massive spoilers ahead.
Bryan Singer’s neo-noir classic The Usual Suspects follows the interrogation of seemingly helpless Roger “Verbal” Kint, one of only two survivors of a devastating fire on a ship docked at the Port of Los Angeles. Kevin Spacey’s character spins the detectives and viewers a long and twisted tale of drugs, deceit and death, explaining that everything comes back to a mysterious mob boss by the name of Keyser Söze. The twist? Kint was Keyser Söze all along, which the officers realize only a few moments too late. As Kint exits the police station and shuffles off down the street, his awkward gait starts to straighten out – and we realize we’ve been had.
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The Usual Suspects | 0:19
Inglourious Basterds | 0:59
The Planet of the Apes | 1:51
Orphan | 2:41
The Empire Strikes Back | 3:22
Seven | 4:09
The Departed | 4:40
Shutter Island | 5:24
Into The Wild | 6:09
The Perks of Being a Wallflower | 6:55
The Mist | 7:41
The Sixth Sense | 8:25
The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas | 9:23
Psycho | 10:03

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33 reviews - The Most Shocking Endings In Movie History

  1. Looper says:

    Which movie do you think is truly the most shocking ending of all time? It's somewhat difficult to measure because we know the twists now, but maybe Empire Strikes Back or Sixth Sense?

  2. lohphat says:


    Planet day singe?

    My God is it REALLY that hard to ask someone how things are pronounced properly?

  3. Carrie……

  4. ron b says:

    Sorry you missed some good movies with far better and more shocking endings than some of these.

  5. The baby in striped pyjama made me cry for days, it killed me inside

  6. Into the wild is a true story, how could the ending be shocking?

  7. Striped pajamas end made me cry ? and I’m a grown ass man.

  8. EasyWayOut says:

    Primal Fear has a great ending

  9. "Planette des Sanj" rather than Sinj

  10. A.I.M says:

    What!? No Mist .

  11. Oldboy? Anyone?

  12. ethan box says:

    Really? No fight club?

  13. Scupacium says:

    swastika say it again

  14. 50zcarsman says:

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  15. 1:44 Ryan from the office

  16. Shutter Island is a great movie, I really didn't see the twist coming. Definitely worth a watch.

  17. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower Never Shook me, I knew… i knew as soon as i saw how he acted when she touched his leg.. and that was it. I love that movie sooooo fucking much

  18. Khalil !! says:

    Awhhh so thats where scary movie got that from

  19. Kai Rodger says:

    Into the wild is a true story btw

  20. Draconix says:

    I agree with these

  21. H G says:

    I haven't watched the video yet, but Ex Machina better be on here. I had to pick my jaw off the floor after that ending.

  22. Luca YT says:

    'Mystic River' should be in this video.

  23. Omg the mist has such an aweful ending killing his family to get found by the fucking military who the fuck rights that

  24. So many had Leonardo DiCaprio and bradd pitt

  25. Happy Dapp says:

    I expected Gone Girl’s ending to be on here. It’s not a huge twist but goddam I’ve never been so shocked and pissed at an ending

  26. Arlington Road

  27. R.i.p Bruno And Shmuel!?❤?

  28. ty ray says:

    Lol saving Private Ryan 1:48

  29. Where is Avengers: Infinity War?

  30. Is that Mark Ruffalo in Shutter Island?

  31. Muh Abrar says:

    My fav shocking endings are The Mist, If Only, SAW I and The Others

  32. Josh Lewis says:

    I would love to see the looks on the faces of the people who watched Planet of the Apes when it came out. I remember seeing it as a kid it was CRAZY.

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