11963 THE MONSTER'S ORIGIN STORY!? Stranger Things Finale! (A Fortnite Short Film)

THE MONSTER'S ORIGIN STORY!? Stranger Things Finale! (A Fortnite Short Film)

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Welcome to the last installment of Fortnite Stranger Things. Find out what happens with the demogorgon Stranger Things monster as well as chief hopper and the rest of the stranger things cast! What could possibly happen in the upside down next!


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21 reviews - THE MONSTER'S ORIGIN STORY!? Stranger Things Finale! (A Fortnite Short Film)

  1. Wait what is happening

  2. Spoiler alert hopper in stranger things 3 he's still alive

  3. Everything in this channel is a origin story xd

  4. Jorge Luis says:

    Stop making fortnite words with these dumb videos

  5. Good tomatoes watch stranger things. Garrison is a great tomato

  6. Well the series has come to a end and it was really cool☺???

  7. Callisto:Eleven
    Hopper:Chief hopper
    Raptor:will or mike
    Beef boss:Lucas

  8. WP K says:

    Rip garrison one like equals one prayer

  9. what ever happened to a nice family wait hold on garrison dosent have a wife so is pastel/toy trooper adopted OR pastels mother died idk but that's still sad

  10. The intro is really cool

  11. Cool film! I also make Fortnite cinematics, feel free to check them out! Would mean a lot to me.❤️ Have a great day everyone!

  12. Mr Supreme says:

    Don’t you mean the demogorgon origin story

  13. Wow that intro tho -_-

  14. Ahh Calisto Is Eleven

  15. You know why John can’t kill vendetta

    It’s because…

    He didn’t use his pencil

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