16006 The Future Of Iron Man's Armors And Suits (Marvel Avengers Endgame Theory)

The Future Of Iron Man's Armors And Suits (Marvel Avengers Endgame Theory)

Which Iron Man Suits Will Be In Endgame?

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Some people think toys are just for kids, but they can also give us adult fans sneak previews of what to expect from our favorite Marvel movies. We saw Tony Stark stuck in space during the trailer for Avengers: Endgame, but we’re sure he’ll be back on earth and in a new suit of armor in no time. We’ll be talking about all of the exciting Iron Man armor that could show up in the movie, from the classic Mark 1 to a brand new suit made of uru metal. Then, there’s the mysterious watch-like device we’ve seen on a shocking new suit of Iron Man armor and Tony might not be the only character getting an upgrade. We’ve seen some photos indicating Pepper Potts and War Machine might be getting some shiny new suits as well.

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28 reviews - The Future Of Iron Man's Armors And Suits (Marvel Avengers Endgame Theory)

  1. And banner lost hulk

  2. Bruh aint gonna get anymore suits

  3. Alfanex says:

    This video did not age well…

  4. Koala says:

    Well he dead so…

  5. The invincible iron man

  6. The pepper potts thing is also true and BTW tony is going to wear the mighty bla bla bla suit

  7. Everything is NOT TRUE (except for the time travel thing and the new lego sets) spoiler alert my faorite character (iron man) sniffs died ?????????????????????????????????????

  8. Thor s hamer is back in endgame no tony was sab bay captine marvel your rong


  10. Iron man dead is not posible

  11. Love you 3000…

  12. Good theory ??‍♂️

  13. War machine buster also had nothing to do with the movie

  14. The hall armour set has nothing to do with the movie

  15. Does he realize that Tony needs a new suit at the end of every movie!

  16. Tony will never let rody die

  17. The devices on they’re hands look similar to the device that cable has in Deadpool 2

  18. I think there will be a new suit mark 51

  19. ChrisTmas says:

    You know a lot about him!!!!

  20. Sean Park says:

    uru metal cant be used remember Peter Quill's idea

  21. BASTI PH says:

    The sad thing is our favorite heroes will die or retire

  22. Why can’t tony call his satellite to save him

  23. Adults carefully examining children's toys…

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