14179 THE ETERNALS | 2019 Marvel Comic Con Panel (Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek, Richard Madden, Don Lee)

THE ETERNALS | 2019 Marvel Comic Con Panel (Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek, Richard Madden, Don Lee)

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32 reviews - THE ETERNALS | 2019 Marvel Comic Con Panel (Angelina Jolie, Selma Hayek, Richard Madden, Don Lee)

  1. tat uli says:



  3. ^^ says:

    Ma dong suck(Don Lee), that guy is the Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson of Korea, savage as hell
    Good to see a Korean actor in the MCU after Helen Joe! Even the Korean lady in black panther wasn't Korean lol

  4. Isn't Ajak supposed to be a male and they casted Salma Hayek, a female? Well anyways, so long as they deliver an epic story.

  5. Kumail looks super fit!

  6. Geek overload

  7. I already know Gilgamesh will be another Drax/Korg/Wong

  8. Felicia ! says:

    I think they missed the actress who was wearing red dress. They didn’t ask anything to her!!!

  9. Why did they change male character with female

  10. AB LEGO says:

    Kevin-And finally, unbelievably, playing Thena…Angelina Jolie
    Me-Holy Shittt!!!
    My mom-Language!! What happened?
    Me-Angelina joins the MCU
    Mom-Holy Shittt!!!

  11. 고영훈 says:

    How the heck is Salma Hayek still looking damn hot…dont know why Angelina Jolie got so thin but I just hope it has nothing to do with her health… and Don Lee in MCU thats the biggest Korean Actor's Hollywood debut it makes me happy to see such thing happen as a korean and as a fan

  12. Miles Morales' dad is in Eternals!!! Guess spiderman is not the only hero in the fam

  13. Kumail got JACKED

  14. Vertical says:

    wow kumail got jacked up!

  15. 김용진 says:

    바쁜 한국인들 보시라고
    동석이형 입장 3:02 인터뷰 9:16

  16. Miss CanD says:

    Omg marvels casting just got real!!! ??

  17. BSONE says:

    Yay Marvel discover people of color congratulations? yay hand clap hand clap hand clap okay that's great guys and ladies?

    Thanks a lot really appreciate it ONLY been waiting until the turn of the century for you to consider people of color to be actual Superheroes.
    Do me a favor go ahead do the Blade Movie… and and if everyone on set looks like an entire jar of mayonnaise know you already have an issue sorry if I don't trust you? (( yet )) and you best find a way to put Wesley Snipes seriously
    somehow someway in that Movie… better put him in there. Real Talk*

    Please can someone do something with Storm and Bishop of the X-Men and make them a movie I could be proud of please.
    I know it sounds like I'm being sarcastic and I'm truly from my heart very excited about what you guys, are considering doing but let me explain this to you Marvel right now how it feels for me.
    If I lived in an all black community and I looked out my window and saw two white cops walking down the street saying they're going to start doing community Patrol excuse me if I'm a little bit nervous, no correction a lot ?

  18. Rosh 11 says:

    Angelina ?


  20. Angelina Jolie.!!! I'm definitely going to watch this., ???

  21. Logan says:

    Is it necessary to mention diversity everyday? Marvel was always diverse

  22. I really thought Madden was kidding when he said. he'd don spandex for money.

  23. Jon Snow says:

    Robb stark

  24. Is he actor de train to busan?

  25. Is that mute girl the same one from The Walking Dead?

  26. I'll only probably watch it because of Richard Madden. ???? probably.

  27. this movie will only work if the stars become friends and that doesnt seem to be the case

  28. wattttdaafvck!! Angelina Jolie in MCU???????

  29. wait a minute…Kumail Nanjiani looks super jacked

  30. RYU KAZAMA says:

    It's ma dong-seok y'all!!!! ??

  31. Salma and Angelina…wow!!?????

  32. She really can’t talk? Or is it just her character

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