Tariku Gankisi – Dishta Gina – ታሪኩ ጋንካሲ – ዲሽታግና – New Ethiopian Music 2021(Official Video)

Tariku Gankisi – Dishta Gina – ታሪኩ ጋንካሲ – ዲሽታግና – New Ethiopian Music 2021(Official Video)
Ethiopian Music: New Ethiopian Music 2021 – Tariku Gankisi New music video . . . Dishtagina
#ethiopianmusic #newethiopianmusic #dishtagina

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43 reviews - Tariku Gankisi – Dishta Gina – ታሪኩ ጋንካሲ – ዲሽታግና – New Ethiopian Music 2021(Official Video)

  1. Even though I don’t understand the language I can’t stop listening to this song, who’s feeling the same thing?

  2. mulue bekit says:

    Best music ever ❤❤❤❤

  3. leul says:

    The music that will make your day bright and bring all the positivity … "Tare Bob Marley" One love

  4. Wow Ethiopia alaways new

  5. Addis Arage says:

    የኔ ብሄር ብቻ የምትል ድንጋይ ሁሉ ይሄን ስማ እግዚአብሄር ኢትዮጵያን ይባርክ/ ይጠብቅልን አገራችንን

  6. Addis Arage says:


  7. ዲሽታግና ምንማለት ነው ?
    ትርጉሙን ሳላውቀው ሰማሁት ሰማሁት እየጣፈጠኝ መጣ ይሄው ዛሬም ዋልኩበት ነገም ይደገማል::

  8. Hiwot Wossen says:


  9. Hiwot Wossen says:


  10. Dawit Kanary says:

    The best music

  11. Dawit Kanary says:

    Tanku my love smart music love you

  12. this good music

  13. ?????????????????????????

  14. Jacob Franks says:

    This is song is so peaceful i love it!!

  15. Azeb Melese says:

    Bizum ye music adnake Adlawem gen melkitu temechetoganl berta proud

  16. I love this song from Eritrea

  17. I am Ethiopian but I don't understand the whole what message he transmitted due to the case of unknown the whole Ethiopian language.If you have understood what he wanted to Ethiopian peoples ,please commenting here by amharic or English…..

  18. Zena Girma says:

    ሰላማችሁ ይብዛ የኢትዮጵያ ልጆች ??????❤️❤️❤️???????

  19. Beti Rado says:

    ታድለህ ስታስቀና ባንተ ያልቀና ቡዳ ነው ዲሽታጊኒ

  20. Beti Rado says:

    ሕይወት ገብቶሀል ወንድም አለም

  21. Hanifa Jamal says:

    I just love this song so much

  22. His Environment/where it was filmed looks beautiful and still untouched/natural, therefore let's Help/encourage him to be advocator of his Environment.

  23. Revolutionary Music!

  24. ቀጥልበት ሌላ ምን ልበል እስኪ እደኔ የተመቸው ማን??✔️

  25. I am Eritrean I love this music it's the best

  26. በምድር ላይ 3000 የታመሙ ስዎች አሉ disliked ያደረጉት ፈውስ ያስፈልጋቸዋል ቅናት ነው ምቀኝነት ነው ምንድነው ምክንያታቸው

  27. I Love this song without understand nothing. Love from Haiti /Canada

  28. das yilal iwunati now ginni inya irras achin rasan??

  29. Eyob Alene says:

    3k dislikes for this song? We really are living in crazy world ?

  30. Nahom Records Inc and Tariku Gankisi, what an amazing song, please add English subtitle to the song. It is getting international audience and if they understand the real message, that will make the song more lovable.

  31. El Joaquín says:

    Africa what’s up ✊?

  32. Vita Mia says:

    WOW !!! what a beautiful song.

  33. Esmael Murad says:

    Like like like #1 music I like It yooooooooo!!

  34. Hope GAMES says:

    በእርሱ ፊት ስንቆም ዘር አያፀድቅም
    This message is for every Ethiopian out there
    Please remind that!

    Great song my man❤

  35. Amsalu Habte says:

    Nice Bro….ewenete…..?

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