30414 Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Final Season Official Trailer

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Final Season Official Trailer

Star Wars: The Clone Wars streams its final season on Disney+ starting Feb. 21.

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22 reviews - Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Final Season Official Trailer

  1. Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Aftermath

  2. Did Maul loose the black Saber ?

  3. Significantly more hyped for this than any of the new movies.

  4. “All part of the plan… THE PLAN.”

    I can’t be the only one who knows what Maul is speaking of here and it’s what his former master has been planning since the beginning…

  5. TCW after sequel trilogy fallout:"you could not live with your own failure,were did that bring you?back to me!"

  6. Damn…THAT LOOK GOOD!!

  7. V A D E R says:

    Notice that Anakin only has the Gauntlet Glove and no glove on his left hand..
    Everything is as it should be

  8. YES YES YES YES YES!!!!!!!

  9. I’m so hyped for this!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  10. foldabotZ says:

    1:29 It shows pregnant Padme, that means this is already during Revenge of the Sith!

  11. I remember watching the movie which was clearly the pilot for the series and i hated it and the series then it got beeter and i loved it

  12. 1:13 Most important part of the goddarn trailer.

  13. M9115 says:

    I think 1:13 has me more pumped seeing Obi-Wan like badass in that scene. If this show is taking place before and during Revenge of the Sith, I'm all for it.

  14. CM Yogi says:

    Bro this looks so dope but i can literally feel the GIRL POWER in this season. But I may be wrong so I'll give it the benefit of a doubt.

  15. You know what’s missing? “They fly now? They fly now!… THEY FLY NOW!!!!!”

    That’s why that line is so ridiculous. They are flying go r long time an Finn was actually a stormtrooper which inherit all the equipment of the Clones. ?‍♂️

  16. Kehinde O says:

    wow this looks awesome…..except for the hipster with the haircut, never seen that in star wars and really takes me out of it cause its so "#earth"

  17. I have so many questions about this:

    1. Why does Ahsoka have blue lightsabers
    2. Why did they make her outfit look all weird like in rebels
    3. WHO THE FUCK wanted to see Maul vs. Ahsoka? I didn’t! And I honestly don‘t think anyone else did. Kinda like rogue one: might be good, but really nobody asked for it

  18. Maisonier says:

    Así es como Episodio 1 & 2 deberían haber sidos …

  19. Paulina KP says:

    1:29 whats a beautiful scene <3

  20. Paul Brice says:

    I am the senate.

  21. Orcy Dorky says:

    Hey fricking feck i can not wait until Feb 21st

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