25631 Star Wars: Every Skywalker Saga Trailer

Star Wars: Every Skywalker Saga Trailer

The final trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has hit, which means that every trailer for every movie in the nine-film Skywalker Saga has officially been released, floating around and waiting to be watched and rewatched and rewatched again.

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41 reviews - Star Wars: Every Skywalker Saga Trailer

  1. I wonder why Harrison Ford narrated the Empire trailer. He did a decent job, but it's an unnecessary distraction.

  2. 0:00 The Phantom Menace
    1:53 Attack of the Clones
    4:06 Revenge of the Sith
    6:19 A New Hope
    7:24 Empire Strikes Back
    9:16 Return of the Jedi
    9:45 The Force Awakens
    11:48 The Last Jedi
    14:08 The Rise of Skywalker

  3. chrismas says:

    Episodes 4, 5, and 6 were something special. I can't put my finger on it. But, I think it's the sets and miniatures that made it feel organic and not like a video game.

  4. Enjoyed the video and closed it at 9:45

  5. Game: LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga.

  6. henkman00 says:

    1983 The Star Wars Trilogy is complete!
    2005 The Star Wars Saga is complete!
    2019 The Skywalker Saga is complete!

    Star Wars a 'saga' that 'ended' three times…

  7. Luke kissing Lea ?

  8. I like how the original trailer says it's in the future. ?‍♂️??

  9. I just want to watch the OT and PT again

  10. You missed Rogue one.?

  11. I don't think the Revenge of the Sith trailer spoiled anything… Like the whole reason the prequels were there were so that they could show the rise of Vader. I think it was actually really dope, seeing it as an adult rather than a kid haha. Because it showed little tid bits from all the issues that Obi Wan touches on in A New Hope when he's talking to Luke. I bet people were really excited when they saw it. I know I was.

  12. Say what you want about the sequels but the trailers are amazing.. the music the visuals just amazing.

  13. It feels weird watching the first 8 trailers and remembering all those parts from the movies and then watching the 9th trailer and wondering what's gonna happen

  14. A galactic odyssey against depression?

    what the

  15. Credit where it’s due the sequel trailers don’t give away much of the plot and actually make you curious to go see them just because you have no idea what’s going to happen

    That’s solid trailer direction

  16. The prequel trailers spoil almost everything.

  17. Mr Lucas what do you want in your trailers?

    GL: yes

  18. When the theme came on in the rise of skywalker trailer I got goosebumps

  19. Matt Kemp says:

    See this will be the year everyone does the star wars marathon.

    Who cares if the movies are crap. Watching star wars for 19 hours is a dream ?

  20. Hate or love Disney
    You have to admit
    They sure know how to step up the SW trailer game

    I’m glad I didn’t get to watch the trailers when the prequels were released
    I just excitedly went the theater

  21. Episode 3 trailer got me in my feels
    Then the original trilogy trailers got in and went from intense to cheesy 0-100 real quick ?

  22. I know it’s not shown here, but the teaser for Force Awakens is one of the best trailers of all time.

  23. Bandanacat says:

    Say what you want about the Sequels, their trailers are waaaaaay better than the others (I know trailers weren't as important back when the OT and PT came out but still)

  24. Kylo Ren? says:

    The prequel trailers were like the whole movie

  25. episode 1 and 2 was ok but 3 spoiled so much wow

  26. R.E.Venge says:

    This actually kind of shows the trends of trailers through the eras:

    70's-80's – Narrator selling the film with emphasis on characters and themes. Almost like a sales pitch.
    90's-00's – Acts more like a short summary/highlight reel. Shows almost exactly what you'll get in the movie.
    Modern – Builds hype, raises questions, usually ends on cliffhangers, and sometimes meant to mislead expectations.

  27. Original classics, prequel trailers that still impact me as I'm coming along, and SQL trailers that remind me and an entire generation just why it is that we love this journey and story that is just as real and even more so Within the living force of Our Lives!)+

  28. Chironex says:

    I find it strange how I feel the last jedi trailer was the best in a weird way but the movie was the worst out of all of them ?

  29. Fan reaction
    Ep.1: *Freaks out over new double bladed lightsaber, and anakin meeting obi-wan.
    Ep.2: *Freaks out over Jango Fett.
    Ep.3: *Freaks out over Darth Vader.
    Ep.4: What is this "Star Wars" you speak of?

  30. VSGLugh says:

    Revenge of the sith teaser was cool but all the prequels trailers…they spoiled the whole movies XD

  31. Han: "It's true…all of it."

    Me: Except the Expanded Universe.

  32. The more dramatic pauses, the further in the future it must be

  33. hobbs1701a says:

    The Original Trilogy, shitty trailers, but great movies. The Prequels, average trailers, average movies. The Sequel Trilogy, great trailers, shitty movies!

  34. Josh K says:

    Man, movie trailers were put together so wierdly back then compared to modern trailers

  35. Like the prequel trailers were kinda trash lmao

  36. Anakin to Rey ( ep 1 threw 9 ) ???? the Skywalker Saga trailers.

  37. Oh how they lost their way after "Return of the Jedi". The middle (original) is so fun. The rest so dour and unnatural. And the Disney films have noting to do with the "Skywalker" saga.

  38. ooo fun. these really paint a stronger narrative about the Jedi scattering, falling into myth and legend and then rising again as a through line. the force awakens, luke wanting nothing to do with Jedi and then seemingly embracing it all in IX feels more natural. And palatine as the ultimate villain throughout also feels more coherent. Thanks for this!

  39. K M says:

    Forgot that Darth Maul appeared in the Ep.1 trailer… they didn't want him 'cut', lol. As much as I'm mixed on Disney's sequel trilogy.. least John Williams score magnified these films & trailers. ♡

  40. Aaron says:

    All the trailers by George Lucas were to the point and fans loved it. The Disney Wars trailers need to fill with fancy flashy cgi and with mostly content not found in the film.

  41. Jason York says:

    How come I never heard the phrase 'Skywalker Saga' until Disney bought Star Wars? And why was Disney so interested in ending it?

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