Stan Lee's daughter DESTROYS Marvel and Disney

Stan Lee’s daughter DESTROYS Marvel and Disney

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Stan Lee’s daughter sets the record straight in regards to Disney and Marvel’s treatment of her father and his creations.

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29 reviews - Stan Lee's daughter DESTROYS Marvel and Disney

  1. Who believes her? Regardless, MCU hasn't been doing anything with Spider-Man except making him Iron Man….change my mind.
    OMGoodness shirt:

  2. This opens up many possible collaborations, like a full-on CGI movie series with either Illumination, or even DreamWorks. Maybe Warner, I'm just saying…
    Speaking of that, who's up for bringing back Hanna-Barbera as an independent animation studio, like it started our in the late fifties? Random thought…

  3. kysike666 says:

    Marvel died when Stan Lee died! It’s now SJW movies for brainless morons!

  4. Big Stan lee dam Disney no more Support

  5. Did Sony reach out?

    Tbh I don't care much about the beef. I'm not for Disney or Sony I'm for me.
    As long as the movies ain't shyte

  6. Kay Argiris says:

    I didn’t enjoy your video what are you taking about. You really giving crap to Hawkeye really. Bout to stop taking before I say something stupid.

  7. I can see where she's coming from when it comes to being frustrated and what not… but let's be real here:

    This is like when your parent crafted a consumer product IE: a clothing line, make up, soft drink, etc : and then SOLD the rights to it LOOONNNGGGG before now … and you feel like offspring of the person that actually created it… you should have a say or opinion heard in regards to whats done with it. Sorry boo…. we appreciate your input, but it's wasted oxygen.

    Anecdotal example: My father had a clean 1965 Ford Falcon, built SB V8, beautiful period correct wheels, the lot. He sold it to local lottery winning couple. They destroyed it.
    It pisses me off and I'd love to go tell them wtf they SHOULD have done with it….. but it's THEIR car so if they want to divorce and fight over it who the f**k am I to bitch? No one… thats who.

  8. Screw Marvel and Devil Mouse. 4000 Marvel comic book collection for sale!

  9. Herb Wyche says:

    That's business, They don't have to be nice.

  10. Super Heros dont need to evolve….or change genders…or be queer.

  11. ace cakes says:

    lucas lucas i love u but u dead wrong 4 this 1 stan had a court case n a order of protection against her 4 abusing him and her mother physicaly n actively seeking 2 take the money from them after she put her mother in da hospital she use 2 threaten them and all that not so fun stuff she blew through the allowances they gave her every month witch was upwards of thousands of dollars and surrounded herself with snakes n wolves all is in the court documents that stan filed himself bro look it up its public records men lie women lies facts and evidence dont i will say tho through all dat even after his wife died he had no one helping him – he was alone rest in peace to stan the man lee

  12. She hit them niggas with a spirit bomb forget full blast she ended their whole career

  13. marvel and disney are terrible companies

  14. Ian Wright says:

    That woman has absolutely dick to do with her father or his work. She’s had a history of substance abuse and she only cared about her father’s money. She’s such a dumpster fire of an adult that they had to get a caretaker for HER to manage her finances. Her complaining about anyone treating Stan Lee like crap is so hypocritical after how she treated her father. She needs to shut the fuck up. Look it up

  15. Not going to lie, I felt like after the Spiderman Ps4 game's success and the next uprising applause for Spiderverse with Endgame, it felt too, dare I say, orchestrated when he died.

    From a marketing stand point, it would increase sales for people to now invest more in his legacy being Spider-Man, but also how films like endgame had grandiose after he died. This I why the executive thrive on film and merchandise.

    From a human stand point, its sad that he didn't get to see his success come to a full close. Don't get me wrong, I'd say 70% of the world's population including owes him a great debt for his inspiration and he's seen character from his great brain now be living icon. It's just sad and a bit dark to think all of this is being orchestrated, even though he just wanted us to be our best selves.

  16. SJW's are weak cowards, how can they write for super heroes?

  17. linda nerney says:

    This does not surprise me one bit. Disney is heartless greedy company. They do not pay their employees, even the creative people are underpaid.

  18. Endgame was the end for me.

  19. Nick says:

    You know if she was really for the money on this she would have sided with Marvel. But she didn't. This is not about money. Its about a personal vendetta against Marvel. And I heavily believe the daughter's accusation on Marvel not contacting her regarding Stan Lee. I can absolutely believe that. Remember that one situation where a deceased little boy who was a Spider-Man fan could not have a Spider-Man on his grave? Marvel was the one who said no. A dead kid cannot have spiderman's image on his gravestone.

  20. kile miller says:

    They probably didnt reach out to her cause of that one time she got on trouble for elderly abuse trying to take his money.

  21. Willowy13 says:

    Disney should be the one paying Sony for using Spidey. That said, why is Marvel so desperate for Spidey? They have Cap Marxel and lf you take Spidey out of the MCU movies it wouldn't make any difference. Spidey was never crucial to anything going on in the MCU. Marvel's Spidey movies aren't anywhere near the greatness of Reimi's era (1 and 2).

  22. Bucky should have gotten the shield. Instead they had him sitting in the background

  23. bil111978 says:

    When stan lee died so did his characters, and his legacy.

  24. Tom Archer says:

    Tom Holland wasn't a household name in his own household before Spider-Man.

  25. Phrosda1 Z says:

    Dude, everyone is all about the money. Humanity went to shit for the money. And those that have it, want more. It never ends.

  26. steveninthe says:

    Vote Trump and destroy socialism, liberalism, open borders and infanticide

  27. Lee Jordan says:

    Remember when Marvel was good before Disney?

  28. I'm ok with him spider man gone. Didn't mind Tom Holland but I still prefer the animated tv show more than the live action movies. I don't know how they can do that to Stan lee or his daughter. Hopefully they will lose money from there decisions .

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