Spidey & Iron Man Spring Into Action | Hasbro Marvel Bend and Flex "The Lunch Break" | SHORT

Hasbro Bend and Flex Short # 1 “The Lunch Break”

Iron Man joins Spider-Man for a well-deserved lunch break, but Spidey’s meal is interrupted when a construction site emergency triggers his Spider-Sense! He leaps into action—but can he save the day and hold onto his lunch at the same time?

Hasbro Marvel Bend and Flex Figures are bendable and pose-able figures that take inspiration from fan-favorite Marvel characters.
The Marvel Spider-Man Bend and Flex Figure Assortment comes with characters including Spider-Man, Venom, Miles Morales, and Ghost-Spider. Each figure is sold separately.
The Marvel Avengers Bend and Flex Figure Assortment comes with iconic heroes including Captain America, Iron Man, Black Panther, and Hulk. Each figure is sold separately.
Each bendable figure comes with an accessory to enhance the pose and play out favorite Marvel scenes.

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