Spider-Man's First Appearance | Today in Marvel History

Today in Marvel History in 1962, Spider-Man swings into the Marvel Universe in “Amazing Fantasy” #15!

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35 reviews - Spider-Man's First Appearance | Today in Marvel History

  1. Thank you Stanlee and Steve ditko for these beautiful memories

  2. Live long spiderman

  3. Universal Save Hulk character from shitmarvel ??

  4. M.K. Malik says:

    Love you spiderman
    you are my childhood hero

  5. i have high hopes for spiderman far from home explaining how tom holland's peter parker got his powers

  6. TuziBuzzard says:

    Funny, i was born on june 5th and spider-man is my favorite superhero. is it a coincidence or not.

  7. Amazing Fantasy #15 came out on August 15th, 1962. Seriously, how did Marvel mess that up? That’s Spider-Man 101.

  8. john fog says:

    He is my favorite hero!

  9. Marvel history cool
    Happy birthday of course to one of the best superheroes 😉
    Rest in lace ditco and stan the man lee

  10. Rip Stan Lee and Steve ditko

  11. You always live on Stan Lee and Steve ditko! R.I.P.

  12. Thank You Marvel for remembering the original ditko spider logo. I miss the original costume and the original spider logo.

  13. Hamooz says:


  14. 王昕臨 says:

    Spiderman, Spiderman
    Friendly neighborhood Spiderman

  15. Avery Davis says:

    It literally says “Aug 15th” in the video … 0:12

  16. Avery Davis says:

    He first appeared in August you idiots

  17. dot. says:

    Snapping at police
    Thanos: 🙂

  18. Kobes says:

    he does whatever a spider can.
    but what spiders do is not help

  19. Thank You legends…
    I Love You 3000?
    Rest In Power LeeDit

  20. Lalo Rosendo says:

    When I was a kid I growed up with spider man just knowing he gets old makes me sad but legends never die ;(. Thank you for your inspiration stan lee & steve ditko.

  21. Dylan Searcy says:

    Spider-man first debuted in August 1962 it even said it on the video

  22. Zboy 115 says:


    Rest In Peace Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

  23. Wasn't it August 10th 1962?

  24. Spider-Man is best

  25. Nevo nevo says:

    Best Marvel Character


  27. My grandpa read amazing fantasy #15 when he was 22 RIP Stanlee and Steve Ditko

  28. SandboxArrow says:

    Thank you for uploading this video!

  29. I got a thanos add….


  30. SOUVIK BASAK says:

    I guess only new thing to be learnt from the video is the date of appearance

  31. Happy anniversary Spidey

  32. Steve Rogers says:

    great job stan lee

  33. NergWiggler says:

    Mr. Stark, I don’t feel so good.

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