4891 Spider-Man Is Attacked By... S.H.I.E.L.D?! | Ultimate Spider-Man S2 Ep9 (FULL EP) | House Arrest

Spider-Man Is Attacked By… S.H.I.E.L.D?! | Ultimate Spider-Man S2 Ep9 (FULL EP) | House Arrest

Ultimate Spider-Man: Season 2 Episode 9 – House Arrest

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Spider-Man and his team have to fight for their lives in Aunt May’s house when S.H.I.E.L.D.’s security system turns into a death-trap.

Peter Parker is on a quest to become the Ultimate Spider-Man. After being bitten by a radioactive spider and gaining super-human powers, he has joined the ranks of S.H.I.E.L.D. along with a class of other young heroes. Together, they protect New York City from an onslaught of villains, learning that with great power comes great responsibility!

Peter Parker/Spider-Man- Drake Bell
Luke Cage/Power Man- Ogie Banks
Danny Rand/Iron Fist- Greg Cipes
Aunt May Parker- Misty Lee
Agent Phil Coulson- Clark Gregg
Dr. Otto Octavius/Doc Ock/Wizard/Dr. Curt Connors- Tom Kenny
Harry Osborn/Flash Thompson/Klaw- Matt Lanter
Stan the Janitor- Stan Lee
Ava Ayala/White Tiger- Caitlyn Taylor Love
Nick Fury- Chi McBride
Sam Alexander/Nova- Logan Miller
J. Jonah Jameson- J.K. Simmons
Mary Jane Watson/Thundra- Tara Strong
Norman Osborn- Steven Weber

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47 reviews - Spider-Man Is Attacked By… S.H.I.E.L.D?! | Ultimate Spider-Man S2 Ep9 (FULL EP) | House Arrest

  1. His Spidey-Sense is pretty useless in this show, huh?

  2. RW:and to when I thought his friends were actually clones,because the way they are all acting weird but it was for a reason.?

  3. RW:at 1:14 Brady Bunch refs.?

  4. No one gonna mention the fact that even MARVEL/Disney jumped onto the Five Nights at Freddy's train?…

    No, nobody?…

  5. 9:37 Monster House reference!

  6. TBGaming says:

    Make more please

  7. I love the teenager aimed jokes
    I.E. The teen wanting to save the computer because of “stuff” they want to keep

  8. Stealing picinic baskets who gets the reference

  9. Did Flash really just steal a lawn gnome? Who steals a lawn gnome?!

  10. What happened here?

  11. 14:25 you will fear my toaster!!!!

  12. Flash stole the Travelocity gnome! He's won a free vacation to Sandman Island! Also do I even want to know what Tiger was doing in the bedroom?

  13. Lunar Kin says:

    They want to hide their identities. But they stay in costume in front of a window with nothing covering it.

  14. Why didn’t they just take off their masks

  15. Spiderman attack Wed

  16. Is it just me or does grizzly sound like Rath “the tiger wrestler” alien from Ben 10

  17. Most of the fight with spiderman and nova and the bot ,they were talking about aunt may

  18. When appliances attack lol

  19. When they are standing in front of windows with their costumes on, but no one sees them

  20. PEW DiePie says:

    #1………73 ?

  21. Seriously Nova cricket first you gotta know what crumpet is, if you understand cricket

  22. "Hey I'm gonna pound you"

  23. Since Grizzly’s one S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most wanted list I guess I don’t have to worry about the dangers of smoking

  24. What I thought the helacarrier was already built?

  25. He said picnic like pick-a-nick
    I know that is normal some but it doesn’t sound right when he says it

  26. Thabk you for putting these free episodes of SPIDER MAN EEEEEE!!!!!!

  27. only minecraft redstone masters can make a house transform like that

  28. Oh I also like the episodes but it's just make new ones do not keep repeating the old ones

  29. Is it me or is Webs jealous that Aunt May is spending more time with Nova

  30. All Spiderman had to do was take the mask off

  31. Agent Nine says:

    The ridiculousness of this episode is unBEARable

  32. When is the next episode ?

  33. Hey guys today is march 22th and it just struck lightning near my house and hail is coming down hard what the heck is going on?

  34. Embyr Or says:

    "We're SHIELD. We think of everything…especially when teenagers are involved."
    Can I get an amen for Principal/Agent Coulson?

  35. Is he seriously saying that a 3-floored house isn’t big enough for him and his Aunt?
    Plus: 4:31 The windows are open, there are a bunch of people right outside of it (in the dark with the house lights on) and they are all in costume

  36. Spidey hates Nova

  37. That ganome got ganomed

  38. "Remember, we've got the one-eyed 'Big Brother' watching us." (4:40)
    PLEASE tell me I'm not the only one who got that reference.

  39. 0:32 Yogi Bear references

  40. This dude stole a gnome

  41. Grizzly? OMG there are so many bear jokes and puns I don’t know where to start!!!

  42. Mayo says:

    Cable guy will be in about 3 months????

  43. Biorythym says:

    Foundation! BOLTED! Electricity! LIVE! Plumbling! A-OK!…..Cable guy will be by in about three months

  44. Why doesn't Spider Man's team have their own places to live outside of the helicarrier?

  45. Spider man haves the best jokes

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