Sony & Marvel Could NOT Reach Norman Osborn Deal

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49 reviews - Sony & Marvel Could NOT Reach Norman Osborn Deal

  1. Well..I guess the Avengers tower will be bought by FF or an already existing MCU character

  2. It'll hit a billion might be a little over calm down remember a famous man said "Stay on target, Stay on Target" well the famous guy did get blown up before the death star was blown but good motto Stay on target. No one thought End game would come about less than 10-13 million from beating Avatar, so just chill.

  3. ryebread07 says:

    The MCU has made Sony more money than all their other attempts to have a Spider-Man universe… without Spider-Man.

  4. ryebread07 says:

    The MCU has made Sony more money than all their other attempts to have a Spider-Man universe… without Spider-Man.

  5. AYE SPENZO says:

    Rather see HOB Goblin anyway. Would still love to see the MCU goblin

  6. Ken Lopez says:

    is it because they wanted norman to be part of that sliver and black movie?

  7. reads title

    What the fuck did you just say?

  8. Truth be told I want to see the Sinister Six led by Doc Ock over Green Goblin. Mostly because no one could bet Dafoe take and we never got a Sinister Six movie. Still though sad that it seems the green goblin will not make it in time for the MCU

  9. Somebody please kill Avi Arad and Amy Pascal already. ?

    Please, that's all I want. ?

  10. Whatever Sony wants to do with spiderman characters they will inevitably fail if it is someone like doc rock green goblin kraven or anyone other than venom

  11. eyesevade says:

    Wish Disney could buy out Sony.

  12. Cam M says:

    it just as well knowing the mcu they would have concocted some scenario where norman's beef is also with tony stark and the avengers while peter is almost an afterthought…..

  13. Draz Gul says:

    Good, not another Goblin

  14. Taylor Smith says:

    Does he ever give sources??

  15. Gdogg8573 says:

    So it's getting to the point where we stop watching marvel movies that are not mcu….

  16. Abe Draves says:

    Lol they way u named the video like it was a fact . when u have no ideal what is going on.

  17. Kevin Feige: (To SONY)I'm gonna put some dirt on your eyes

  18. Robert Lewis says:

    I've about washed my hands of this comic property ? make up your minds for God's sake!! This is ridiculous!!!!!

  19. You guys really want the mcu to have green goblin after that shit they pulled with thor and hulk in endgame that was embarrassing to see one of the strongest marvel characters go out like that

  20. NoBreakz says:

    If sony is smart theys houls let marvel build up the universe for them, and build around that.

    I have never been a marvel fan, but damn, after reasently i must say they know what they're doing

  21. Where are u making this info up? Don’t see one report about this lol the MCU has been planting Norman Osborn seeds for a while now with avengers towers and the secret buyer so I don’t think this is true at all whatsoever

  22. Marvel should control it all. Period. The publisher should just publish.

  23. LSSJ JOHNNY says:

    Why just do what they did to get quicksliver

  24. Hellll nahhhhhh we getting Osborn ion give a fuck

  25. I forgave you for Into the Spider-Verse, and now you do this?!

  26. I’m looking through the comments and I honestly can’t believe there are actually people here who LIKE Sony? Sony makes garbage Spider-Man movies and garbage spinoffs I DO NOT want them to keep screwing up Spider-Man like they have been for the past decade. Also people don’t like MCU Spider-Man..? What? This is literally the closest we’ve seen to a accurate live action Spider-Man ever! Just shut up Sony fanboys and let marvel do their thing

  27. Bubbajax_999 says:

    Whatever we're getting sinister six thats all that matters.

  28. GHA5TLY says:


  29. supergum 101 says:

    Sony should make an animated spider man universe with into the spider verse being such a hit and let marvel use they live action adaptations of spider man

  30. Adam Hodgins says:

    im glad i dont want that too happen anyways

  31. TDG GAMING says:

    There trying to bite off more than they can chew they gotta slow down

  32. I actually liked venom but this venomverse sounds like a joke

  33. bring back D A F O E

  34. Disney needs to buy Sony’s marvel assets. This is bullshit.

  35. Few years from now SONY, like FOX now, will be in the toilet when it comes to making successful comic book movies…we just have to wait it out until Marvel Studios gets control of ALL assets. Pain in the butt…it is what it is in Hollywood.

  36. ugh, so basically Amy Pascal is throwing sandwiches at Kevin Feige again…

  37. sony literally killed off norman osborne in the amazing spider man 2, they dont deserve him, screw sony

  38. But they could still use hobgoblin

  39. Sony should just allow Disney to control live action (not give it to them Sony has made some good live action films ) but I will say the mcu Spider-Man isn’t all that great anyway

  40. Quan Nguyen says:

    The only time I hear about Sony is when they're fucking with Spiderman.

  41. Mugg Men says:

    Got to ask a serious question of what the f*** is the point Norman Osborn without Spider-Man? What is the point of half of Spider-Man's rogues gallery without goddamn Spider-Man?

  42. Gio J says:

    I really hate Sony bruh,theyre selfish as hell

  43. Can marvel take back Spider-Man villains so Sony can make them Tv shows.

  44. Shimizu 101 says:

    Although I would love to see Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in the MCU, I think the most important thing is to have Peter Parker /Spider-man in it, that's good enough for me. GG is the most important Spider-man villain (in my opinion), but there are still plenty of other good options. I just hope that Sony doesn't screw this up again…

  45. CJ Meiko says:

    (SPOILER ALERT) It looks like Flash's family might be the new Osborn deal, according to the new movie…maybe

  46. Mr AO31 says:

    They can use other villains like Kraven, Scorpio or Hobgoblin

  47. Michael Tiet says:

    We should all stop watching comicbook movies from Sony.

  48. It’s honestly cause all you idiots supported venom now sony thinks they are top dogs

  49. Angel Otero says:

    Seriously Sony just stick to playstations because your ruining my spiderman characters

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