27082 SNEAK PEEK - Cyber Goblins Attack! Marvel's Spider-Man - "Goblin War—Part Three"

SNEAK PEEK – Cyber Goblins Attack! Marvel's Spider-Man – "Goblin War—Part Three"

Sunday November 24th on Disney XD
“Goblin War – Part Three” (9:30 – 10:00PM ET/PT)
In order for Spider-Man to defeat the Goblin King and the other numerous Goblin Gangs (Electro Goblins, War Goblins and Cyber Goblins) attacking New York City, he must first bring together Doc Ock, Spider-Girl, Ghost-Spider, Miles Morales and Harry Osborn as a team.

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10 article reviews SNEAK PEEK – Cyber Goblins Attack! Marvel's Spider-Man – "Goblin War—Part Three"

  1. Random guy12

    I had major doubts about this show but as I kept watching, it got EXTREMELY better. Idc what ppl say, I love this show

  2. Joseph Ocasio

    Nolan North? Does this mean Deadpool will appear next season?

  3. Aukie Johnson

    that looks cool

  4. Gerardo Rodriguez

    I still can’t believe Anya and Gwen thought Peter was the new Goblin, that is the dumbest I’ve ever heard

  5. Maximum Spider

    Electro, Silvermane; how many people did Adrian Toomes recruit into the Goblin Nation?

  6. Gerardo Rodriguez

    If they do defeat The Goblin King, then Media won’t have a hard time knowing who’s Spider-Gwen they’ll know she’s Spider-Gwen, I mean it’s the same outfit but this time with a mask

  7. Curtis Watson

    Seriously? Silvermane too? And why Cyber Goblins?

  8. Gerardo Rodriguez

    I really hope Peter tells Anya and Gwen that he’s Spider-Man, because their being too Naive already, I mean 1st they thought Peter is the New Goblin, 2nd they still don’t trust Otto that he’s still a villain and 3rd they thought they can pull this off without Spider-Man’s Help, I mean come on enough is enough, just tell them you’re Spider-Man Parker so they stop being Naive

  9. Strider Xanthos

    Spidey just did the first part of Unyielding Justice. I respect the reference even if my respect for the game it came from is lacking

  10. Michael Sarmento

    Let’s hope this time peter tells Anya and gwen he’s Spider-Man

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