20956 SHROUD ▪ Reacts To New Marvel's Avengers Gameplay

SHROUD ▪ Reacts To New Marvel's Avengers Gameplay

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28 reviews - SHROUD ▪ Reacts To New Marvel's Avengers Gameplay

  1. This looks like hot moldy butt

  2. Marvel you suck at video games stick to movies

  3. A simple pubg player, judging real console games! What has it come to

  4. TT N says:

    Why the F does this game exist? ?

  5. PezzaHando says:

    They've shown this shit already though this was pretty much literally the shitty assed trailer

  6. Looks shitty af

  7. Warper says:

    4:12 i see they threw in Dora the Explorer

  8. She doesnt even look like scarlett johansson……

  9. One question. Is this game open world?? That is all I want!

  10. black worm says:

    Thicc romanoff

  11. Zac Lebeau says:

    Was that Ashley Johnson at the end

  12. ReeceAUS says:

    Did they really not have access to motion capture? use the real actors motion capture for the face structure and it would look much better.

  13. Wish they would have use the original characters voices like Robert Downey jr. for iron Man

  14. They gave him incorrect info. The story missions are not coop. There is another type of mission that will be coop.

  15. Can u bring back Marvel ultimate alliance plz

  16. yourpay says:

    But…where is hawk eye?

  17. Ritvik says:

    Since when did Task Master become such a bitch? He used to go toe to toe with people like Spiderman and now he can barely take on Black Widow.

  18. Game feels like it has no soul. Shit game

  19. Too.Modest says:

    The guy demoing the game is actually amazing! He did his best to make it as cinematic as possible!

  20. "Where's spidey" that hit me hard

  21. Yes travis willingham is thor like if your a critter

  22. 4:14 Is that the Captain Marvel logo on her shirt?

  23. This looks like a great game. Cant wait!!!

  24. Why isnt he uploading on YT

  25. At least make black widow good so we virgins would love it??

  26. What kinda game is this? Doesn't even look like the Avengers. I mean look at their faces??????

  27. Luke King says:

    “ThIs GAmE lOoKs LinEaR As fUcK”
    Shroud: They’re on a bridge…

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