16066 SEASON X IS HERE... - Fortnite Short Films

SEASON X IS HERE… – Fortnite Short Films

SEASON X IS HERE… – Fortnite Short Films

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Hey guys thanks for tuning in to a brand new Fortnite Short here on the channel, be sure to subscribe and ring the bell for all future uploads! Enjoy!

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Here we go for another instalment of the Fortnite series, leave a thumbs up for more!

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31 reviews - SEASON X IS HERE… – Fortnite Short Films

  1. Wait why is old wick evil?

  2. Great job little lizard! Keep up the good work!

  3. I love these video TYMS

  4. 4:07 hold since when did raptor come in all of the sudden

  5. The meteor never hit so season 3 never began mr. Wick shouldn’t feel so good

  6. You know you can go inside the orb and it’s a rift so you come out of the sky

  7. Hey guys I have an idea just friend budbud22 on epic games if you’re interested

  8. The Black Night Should Be The Ultimate Knight but he is the silver Black Night BTW it is because he grew stronger after these 5 seasons PS he was last seen in the Enforcer Raids
    Like If You Agree

  9. I used code LittleLizardFT in the fortnite item shop

  10. A Gonzalez says:

    Get rid of the new wick bring back the old one plz

  11. Im confused why dont they know wick?

  12. Fire Flame says:

    Why was raptor there wick left him at his house

  13. Omg that secret person from s4 the rocket he was in is opened he is going to to do what he failed at a long time ago great video love your work

  14. It's obivious time has stop the astrout will hit dusty depot again

  15. Cross Eyed says:

    You sure are copying new scape pro

  16. Wer did rapta come from

  17. Yo PUBG is better then fortnit

  18. Colm Hayes says:

    It's so obvious look at the astroid it's moving it's a hologram

  19. Denit says:

    But visitor was from that capsule

  20. iM WatChIng YOU, jOnsEY!

  21. Park Sue says:

    The knight should make Drift evil. Seeing that,he talked to him. Maybe he likes him

  22. Why does raptors voice sound different?

  23. I knew it was time travel and time stuff

  24. Old is a rift

  25. Wait. In the meteor tho, the visitor was the one in the capsule. Not the ultima Knight. I need answers!?

  26. Wait how did Raptor get there?

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