7838 Sci-Fi Short Film "Deep Clean" | DUST Exclusive Premiere

Sci-Fi Short Film "Deep Clean" | DUST Exclusive Premiere

This road crew is hiding a secret about what lurks below the city streets. Subscribe to DUST for more sci-fi short films: http://bit.ly/2aqc5vh

“Deep Clean” by Matt Harlock

Starring Paul Kaye and Tony Way from Game of Thrones.

16 year old Alex hasn’t seen his Uncle Brian since his Dad’s funeral. A troubled kid, he’s been kicked out of school and is now forced into doing a work placement with Brian’s council road repair crew. Alex can’t believe he has to spend the day with these bickering slobs, but when an emergency call leads him down into a basement below the street, he realizes there’s a lot more to this crew, and his Uncle, than he first thought.

More from the filmmakers at http://www.halflifefilms.com and http://www.krentable.com

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23 reviews - Sci-Fi Short Film "Deep Clean" | DUST Exclusive Premiere

  1. Ed Wilson says:

    Really enjoyed this one! It has kind of a "Men in Black" meets "Supernatural" vibe. The gritty C64 synths in the soundtrack were a treat as well. One of my favorites so far! Would definitely like to see more stuff set in this universe.

  2. Do DUST actually do anything? – Are they just a youtube channel that have a lot of sci-fi shorts? – Or do they produce anything themselves?

  3. andrew T says:

    man, that red priest went from saving his knight to saving the world.

  4. 11jt2007 says:

    its' like Stranger Things mashed together with Men at Work, in the UK

  5. Damn I really liked this one. It was thought out. Had some humor. Seemed more realistic. The acting was t too bad. It was great!

  6. sephiroth says:

    what a great story and narration..like the strangers thing with a lot lighter fun vibe

  7. ? Wonderful! ?

  8. Every day a holiday…..each bacon buttie a banquet. Oh look Al – nuvva fucktard!

  9. Its alright didnt want to sleep anyway

  10. The dreams in shitty work,he he.

  11. kelli blue says:

    I just realized why I like these little "dusters" ("dusties?) so much. They're like Stephen King's short story anthologies come to life. Little bite-sized pieces for us to snack on. Tasty. ?

  12. "It's a interdimensional something or other. We call 'em fucktards."

  13. This was …. awes.. I have no idea what this was.

  14. Sum mer says:

    A part 2 in the making…right??????

  15. MoMo K says:

    Why is this not a series! I can see at least 4 seasons with this story alone!

  16. Rororoy says:

    billy eilish

  17. Brilliant!?. Thank you very much!

  18. cmilkau says:

    German captions are peppered with translation errors, but it's awesome you have so many translations in the first place!

  19. Does anyone know what song was playing around 10:20?

  20. One of the best Dust shorts. Draws from a few different sources but I'm cool with that.

  21. Best Dust flick so far ?

  22. . . briliant . . !

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