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“Colony” by Catherine Bonny

In the future, two women struggle for survival on a newly colonised planet.

In 2131, two sisters, Rhian and Seren struggle to survive the harsh conditions of a recently colonised planet. When Seren’s health takes a turn for the worse, Rhian’s desperation leads her to inadvertently discover life on this strange new world. With it comes a promise for survival but at a terrifying cost.

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Director’s Bio:
Catherine Bonny is a filmmaker based in Melbourne, Australia. In 2017 she graduated from Australia’s oldest film school, the prestigious Victorian College of the Arts, with a Masters of Film and Television Directing. Her graduating film, Colony, has been screened at a number of festivals in Australia, Europe and the US. Currently she is working in film and television in Melbourne while developing scripts for a feature film, a long-form series and several short form works.

Catherine’s passion for creating distinct worlds and vibrant characters, has lead to the creation of a works across multiple genres. Whether it’s sci-fi, horror, fantasy or drama, there is an overarching drive to find truth and often gritty realism, even in the most fantastical fictional worlds.

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37 reviews - Sci-Fi Short Film "Colony" presented by DUST

  1. Ran out of money, did you?

  2. Emma reminds me of a more expressive Kristen Stewart.

  3. ZSandmann says:

    Sorry but that was terrible

  4. Well done Sista. Well done.

  5. Andrew John says:

    I like creativity and imagination, but that was neither. Just ambiguity.

  6. Iconoclast says:

    There is a sick left pealing off in the background. Time for some extraterrestrial surfing ?

  7. fleageful says:

    Not up to your usual standard Guys. Ending let you down. I felt robbed.

  8. CrzyMFT says:

    I guess the writers walked out.

  9. Kevin H says:

    Don't give up your day jobs. This movie made no sense whatsoever. I have no idea what freaking happened!!!!

  10. Had promise but didn't really deliver

  11. Fred Neecher says:

    Someone bit too deep of the feminist sour cherry pudding? Totally absurd set-up. The best thing about this short was the ending. And I don't mean the fishy teeth thing.

  12. Very, very stupid.

  13. Errm… Was I supposed to be scared of the fish-faced girl in the end?

  14. Bored Eats says:

    none of these are good

  15. billucf96 says:

    Didn't see that twist at the end

  16. Ed Bailey says:

    From the first image, the world of "Colony" crackles starkly to life, and immediately engages the viewer. We see that Rhian is part of a labor camp, overseen by faceless, menacing officers. That the stakes are high is made all too clear as Rhian discovers that others have not survived their time on the sardonically named planet called Heaven, and that her sickly sister Seren may well meet a similar fate. To call the camp's workers second-class citizens would be overly charitable, as we soon find out that power, as always, seeks to exploit the powerless in every way possible. And so it is here, as Rhian desperately tries to get medicine to help Seren from an all-powerful, yet ultimately banal, officer.

    It is then that we find that Heaven is not quite what it seems. Other forces are at work that will indeed colonize the planet, but not in the way the officers had intended.

    All in all, "Colony" is an interesting film, though I wished we had more time to see how things played out as the "other forces" began to make themselves known…

  17. Time Warped says:

    @ Colony team…
    Nice short film, but all I got out of it is humanity isn't going to evolve for the better, so why spread our greed & hate to other planets.

  18. T Pierce says:

    It's a good thing you are not an author, because I like to read. Nothing here.

  19. Good story! As is common with shorts, it leaves one wishing for more… But if that sort of thing bothers someone, they should stick to the 2 hr long film industry drivel. Great locations, and the main character's acting was excellent. Good production. Def gets a thumbs up.

  20. endorbr says:

    The ending ruined the whole thing.

  21. Shaun Fox says:

    Aliens vs Sirens.
    it wasn't 10/10 but was entertaining to watch, well made and definitely doesn't deserve the hate it's getting in the comments and thumb count

  22. Qusin111 says:

    can't be the right date, everyone knows scientists say it will be around 4 million degrees by then

  23. el-sig says:

    Total disappointment! 🙁

  24. See Canon says:

    This was very unique. The ending was chilling. No one got it? The short guy murdered her sister Seren. Both of the guards dragged Seren off to bury her. The other sister who had been bitten by the fish in the water had bit a guard on the neck because he attacked her. The second sister was turning into an out of the water creature that I guess would eat/attack anyone/anything that harmed her hence the tooth. Land shark anyone?

  25. The perfect opportunity to make a comment on religious control and you guys blew it by a monster of the week ending :(.

  26. Gods damn it! She's STILL sexy, even in that last scene!!!
    Honestly, what does an attractive woman have to do to appear unattractive? Apart from saying "I do," of course…

  27. Maria Kelly says:

    Why are the guards wearing breathing equipment but the "colonists" aren't? It seems like this is some kind of penal colony.

  28. I am sooooo confused now!

  29. RED redstar says:

    Oh. That is a mean twist.
    More of these, please!

  30. xXxcastenada says:

    From the sores on their skin the workers appear to have radiation sickness while their overlords with breathing masks do not. The female heroine is gene spliced with an alien angler fish to give her accelerated healing and a hangtooth. Good stuff.

  31. Well, I liked it. It wasn't perfect, but the actors did well and the strangely colored vegetation and landscape did a great job of making it look like an alien world. The ending could have been improved significantly.

  32. Flashjan1 says:

    What the hell was that all about? Ridiculous ending after a confused and illogical buildup.

  33. Murs Nine says:

    I understand it may be hard to do a film on a extremely slim budget and one may not have the ability to include machinery in the story, but I almost feel like the type of labor doesn't fit the theme of the story.
    Another planet –> farming machines –> the "farmers" are mechanics lured into a bad job, forced to do maintenance and cleaning on the machines that are covered in mud during the night. The sickness from the dirt can remain the same, the "off time" near the beach for "gifts" from abusive guards can remain the same..

  34. Spacecookie says:

    Well that didn't help her skin at all.

  35. Brian Meaker says:

    And it's at this time I'm all of a sudden reminded that Dust capitalizes on ridiculously Bad Endings

  36. You short film always end with questuons

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