4345 Sci-Fi Short Film Anthology | 1 Hour | DUST

Sci-Fi Short Film Anthology | 1 Hour | DUST

1 hour of sci-fi short films back-to-back. Join us every Sunday night at 7pm PST for a live chat. Subscribe and watch more sci-fi shorts on DUST: http://bit.ly/2aqc5vh

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36 reviews - Sci-Fi Short Film Anthology | 1 Hour | DUST

  1. Peter A. says:

    In the first film, what was in the box? Why did she want to get rid of whatever it was? Why did the male character have a whole stack of them in the rear end of his car? At the end he told her to "turn left". What did she find there?

  2. Alan Jones says:

    Good stories!!

  3. Keeping the title of the film on the screen is annoying.

  4. Namri says:

    Was anyone else reminded of "A man and his dog" watching "Where the shadows fall"? (Except that he doesn't eat the woman at the end 😉 )

  5. La mejor serie de ciencia ficcion

  6. Stan Lee says:

    I didnt do drugs in the 60's so Im lost with all this psychodelic flash back crapola

  7. Sefu Njege says:

    That car. Yes pleeeeeeeeeese

  8. chubey2370 says:

    Wow great intro to Dust!

  9. JEEZ that long ass intro!

  10. Luffaman says:

    oops, thats a plymouth…oh well

  11. Luffaman says:

    1954 Lincoln, my first dream car.

  12. Owen Ltd says:

    X Some great work here

  13. Longer this time.
    Cool movie ?????

  14. So ,, in Caleb they bio printed another set of parents ??

  15. I wish there was a time stamp for each video! Anyone agree?

  16. What was the message in the film 'love lots of it'?

  17. Joe Lee says:

    I had not seen the military-themed one, it was excellent as was all of these.

  18. Abdu N says:

    Is it Felix on the thumbnail?

  19. 20:21 It says on the credits for the short called 'She Calls Through The Fire' that it was inspired by true events, wtf? lol

  20. "is that my valiant?!" goes through my head every time i see one. damn government stole it wile i was homeless and working on swapping the engine… ill never forgive them. i demand reparations! xcp
    they left the engine hoist though… ok ,im over it, i forgive you.

  21. @DUST you know what's in that box? The last three pages of the scripts for every short on your channel! 😀

  22. XO O says:

    What is a sunday night = A BORING ST UPID NIGHT .

  23. Thought the thumbnail was pewdiepie

  24. Wow! never thought I would see the old abandoned diner on route 22 in Whitehouse Station NJ . The first clip was shot less than 5 miles from my house. Makes me wonder if their meeting place was the runway at Sohlberg airport.

  25. Portuguese subtitle please

  26. jay robins says:

    why do youi keep posting the same moovies every week as iff they are new ??? when they clearly are repeats from when ??????"""""LAST YEAR"""""—- please folks === what happened to you tube ??=== all the radicals got shot down after all the free radicals got shut down in flames like Testlas workshop ?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!???@!!!1 so WTF RIGHT ++++ do we make art to make a better life or do we do it to force people to tow ""UR"LINE++++ I woulda hoped we actually gave a fuck but I see here its only revenue ur after =I.E===== ur a SELLOUT !""""""

  27. Chris Cook says:

    Lots of love !!!! Wow !!!

  28. MOON DOGGY says:

    It was the third story

  29. MOON DOGGY says:

    In the second story (cowboy theme) the cowboys water sack changes from his right shoulder to left shoulder after a few cuts in the searching for water scene just while walking to a well. any one else see that?

  30. To the writer, That made me think… or Thought

  31. Acaso son conspiraciones de nuestro futuro

  32. david yeet says:


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