8206 POWER SEASON 4 - 2019 New Movie | Nigerian Nollywood Movies Full HD

POWER SEASON 4 – 2019 New Movie | Nigerian Nollywood Movies Full HD


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49 reviews - POWER SEASON 4 – 2019 New Movie | Nigerian Nollywood Movies Full HD

  1. This guy killed this movie, thumb up if you know what he's playing here

  2. In Jesus mighty name amen ???????

  3. Interesting indeed. ?. The things men do in the dark for money and power. Lord have mercy ?. Darkness will never prevail over light. This is straight from the Bible, which is the word of God.

  4. Nigerian Christians are really hypocrites, they are here condemning the pastors act as fake, but in real life! They attend the church of the real fraudsters and criminals in the name of pastors, even the pastor in Anambra who this very guy imitated, you will still see alot of Nigerian Christians in his church and later some of them will still come here and condemn a person who just depicted exactly what their pastor is doing

  5. RIP prince Dammy Eke????

  6. Why people do evil

  7. Shaku shaku prophet lol

  8. Can't stop laughing very funny

  9. Why Henry b ?always behave as if his pursuing fly’s ?nawaooo

  10. Hmmm when both mother and father is an ocultic man /woman, ohhhhhh the children will be an objects of sacrifice

  11. This prophet dance step is something else lol

  12. Wonderful movie indeed God is powerful

  13. Ose Ew says:

    When you are arrogant in the Lord and you understand the ways of him(God);he(God) will used you arrogantly,violently to destroy the wicked and evil ones!!

  14. D rogered prophet has done it, d same way our enemies will perish by d power of God. Wonderful movie.

  15. Becky More says:

    ?????funny man of God

  16. Please what is this prophet name in real life

  17. I don't like this movie' what kind of man of God is this

  18. No head no tail

  19. All power and powers belongs to God,thanks for uploading keep it up much love ????

  20. ?????????Yeye dey smell

  21. Some one said is pastor is a ebere son is it truth

  22. Imagine pastor dancing shaku shaku

  23. ernest obi, i use to enjoy your movies but this child's play is too disheartning

  24. The prophet is very funny ? nice movie thanks

  25. I like this prophet

  26. Wonderful and interesting movie thanks u all ???????????????

  27. Sandy Bae says:

    God bless us all? Nice one

  28. This prophet's dance/moves got me ??

    Thanks for uploading……????

  29. Ama Sagoe says:

    My comment is still loading

  30. Nice one thanks for uploading great job

  31. This prophet will not kill somebody with laughs oo???
    Thanks NWPTV for uploading

  32. Wise Brain says:

    If you still don't understand the Pastor's act, check out Prophet Chukwuemeka Odumeje on YouTube popularly known as "The Lion Himself". Maybe then you will understand the movie.

  33. He behaves like a demonic pastor ? God have mercy ?

  34. nice movies guys

  35. Hello hello hello plz help me . S he really a pastor. Dancin likin my michael jackson lol. Ooh plzzz Ernest

  36. Erick King says:

    Lovely movie

  37. The dancing prophet, anyway Ernest Obi u sure know how to kill time..,

  38. The pastor acting is so annoying ?????..acting exactly like onitsha pastor why

  39. Interesting movie I love the song

  40. Zed zed says:

    This occultic men?are going very far they want to try the real power if God the fire??? wich will consume them will not come from that community,big up??guys @nollywoodpicturetv?for uploading lovely night to all my friends ❤❤❤

  41. I just hope this pastor is really called by God ?

  42. Waoooooo see The lion dancing shaku shaku ????? he made me love the movie

  43. Ma Bri says:

    Very good storyline but the prophet, I don't understand, his act makes me sick. Anyway, good movie

  44. Well done prophet Emeka this movie is interesting no any power is greater than the power of God mighty

  45. Itz really interesting? Nd touching? movie thanks for uploading @Nollywoodpicturestv? let's sit down and watch and see how it goes thumb up for Ernest Obi if you are here for him hit the like button??????.
    This prophet is something else.there is no peace for the wicked evil men,this song is very good??????????

  46. Zoe Kanneh says:

    Well done everyone Prophet u do well, that song is nice thanks yaaa..??????????

  47. DAMMY EKE RIP ??????

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