"POLOVETSIAN DANCE" Aleksandr Borodin [classical music]

classical music – Aleksandr Porfir’evič Borodin “POLOVETSIAN DANCE” – polovtsian dance Aleksandr Porfir’evič Borodin – polovetzian dance Aleksandr Borodin

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20 reviews - "POLOVETSIAN DANCE" Aleksandr Borodin [classical music]

  1. This is the first time i ever saw his face .many year ago i went to see the movie before the movie start we listen i mean they let me see 2 song first song is the beatle call from me to you and the other song was polovetsian dance thank you sp much this reminds me of my life as a teenager

  2. Ike says:

    Yet another masterpiece inspired by Turks

  3. 4:26 ren and stimpy pilot intro

  4. Ike says:

    inutilement trop vite 🙁

  5. Firs Las says:

    Imagine if someone managed to make a level 1.5 sheet music for this…

  6. 2nooby2 Idol says:

    I love music where I can hear a story going on in my head.

  7. Sam Bradley says:

    Beautiful piece, inspiration for "A Stranger in Paradise".

  8. Russian romantic music leaves one breathless.

  9. If the tempo is too fast for you play it at .75 playback speed

  10. Stranger in Paradise with a banging donk on it!

  11. J.T. Hamm says:

    It sould be noted, pun intended, that the stunning orchestrations were done by the great master Rimsky-Korsakov. I heard this piece live in the early 70s, at 7 years old and decided to become a symphony musician.

  12. spindalis79 says:

    Hidden within "Parodius: Forever With Me" during the school level.

  13. JazzyH says:

    Ehm Kekkai Sensen

  14. Renato Sousa says:

    Nathan chen brought me here. My classic shit makes me feel so badass!

  15. B. Hammel says:

    OAYO sent me here.

  16. HJP1 HJP2 says:

    The song Stranger in Paradise is from on this composition.

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