25984 Overwatch 2 - Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer | “Zero Hour” | BlizzCon 2019

Overwatch 2 – Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer | “Zero Hour” | BlizzCon 2019

Stand together.

When Null Sector attacks, Winston assembles a small strike team to fend off the invasion. But as hope begins to fade, the team must stand together to overcome the odds.


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48 reviews - Overwatch 2 – Official Announcement Cinematic Trailer | “Zero Hour” | BlizzCon 2019

  1. Too bad blizzard cares more about money than human rights

  2. Wait so is it a whole new game or an update?

  3. Lazi_ness says:

    It's November ffs

  4. why don?“t just working on the present game ? It dosn`t need another…

  5. ttnt says:

    You guys got lucky there was just 3 person in the streets that day.
    But seriously, I see combos between characters this trailer. Does it mean we'll have combos in the gameplay ?

  6. Von Pow says:

    They could updated the game prob like 52.67 gb but eh we take it

  7. So…is this a expansion

  8. Ok but what exactly is different from Overwatch 1?

  9. We all just gonna ignore this is a Lootbox reset?

    I mean… also the china stuff but SERIOUSLY THIS IS LOOTBOX RESET

  10. Woah the new Mann vs Machine looks great

  11. Paul Dietz says:


  12. Did monkey man turn into tiger????

  13. The Cavalerie is here!

  14. Im not crying… Its just the damn allegies

  15. If it ain't Battle Royale.. I'm not playing it

  16. Jonttu6 6 says:

    Mei:Help me im dying.
    Also mei has self heal
    Edit: and also mei doesn't use it

  17. Catboi9000 says:

    Reinherdt: "My 60x Grand Father was here during the very first Tour De France." 😉

  18. big nig says:

    Tracers butt

  19. Yall really gonna call this a new game and charge full price huh?

  20. Jufrisc says:

    If Morrison comesback does winston give him leadership?

  21. How are we going to stop this thing

    May your backpack

    Me: or use gengi

  22. I almost cried this is really cool

  23. wait i thought that overwatch was back together in the 1st game? was that non cannon or did they break up again?

  24. Tom Krass says:

    Free Hong Kong Mei!

  25. fanlov says:

    If overwatch is back, does that mean they're gonna free Hong Kong?

  26. Free Hong Kong

  27. 5:21 I came here for this alone

  28. Pretty much dlc.

  29. Water d0ve says:

    Over watch 2: the bigger cash grab

  30. free hong kong

  31. But what about hong kong

  32. Riven says:

    Nice cash grab..

  33. winnie the pooh = Xi Jinping

  34. Xeno says:

    I have never been so proud to be a genji main!


  36. 3:38 "HERO'S NEVER DIE"

  37. holy shit theyre adding in gundam???

  38. Fun lore fact: Mei supports Hong Kong.

  39. Some dude says:

    So this is how Blizzard or reacting to the rito 10 year anniversary stream

  40. lsruler says:

    why isn't overwatch a movie!!!!????

  41. mei is a precious bean

  42. I like how everyone got changed but genji got a hoodie

  43. TF2: Mann vs Machine

    Overwatch: Overwatch vs Omnics

  44. Joe Ed says:

    I haven't played overwatch , but seems like that genji guy could fucking whack this robot by himself

  45. Genji's the only one who doesn't ever need to change his clothes, but is the only one who actually has

  46. Wow I am not excited for this game!

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