3964 Official Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer:  Two Dojos, One Fight

Official Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer: Two Dojos, One Fight

Cobra Kai may have won the battle, but the war has just begun. Watch Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso pick up where they left off in Season 1, and train a new generation in the way of karate. But will their past get in the way of what truly matters? Catch a new season of Cobra Kai. All episodes now streaming.

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Cruel Summer by: Kari Kimmel

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28 reviews - Official Cobra Kai Season 2 Trailer: Two Dojos, One Fight

  1. Did he get his account name from vampire diaries lol that was kais name on twitter lol

  2. It's so badass!

  3. I thought they said you can watch season 2 for free this year…..so far….does not seem like it to me!!! Very mad at Liars!!!!!

  4. Johnny deserved better, he just wanted to fix his life and family and get back to doing he's passionate about.

  5. Noah Davis says:

    What’s the song they’re playing?

  6. Oh my Lord just finished season 2 and wow!!!!!!!! Bravo youtybe good job. I can't wait till season 3 !!!!!!

  7. Absolutely incredible!!! Feature Movie NEEDED!

  8. UNIBULM says:


  9. OMG the music the lines and my God the back fist the Miguel throws at the end of the Cobra Kai chant 2:00 ?.

  10. Wytt miller???????????????????????????

  11. They better not ruin this show with some bullshit love story.

  12. NicksVlogs says:

    who do watched all in one night

  13. Melhor série!!!!!

  14. I binge watch this in 1 day.

  15. Jaime M says:

    i am sick of watching this crap o f trailers of cobra kay

  16. DAM 1000 says:

    Bro, again the same spam, please stop, once or twice, even 5 is ok, but in every single video l watch this announcement appears, same mistake as the other serie, spam and spam, non stop, just annoying, this spam is the reason why l dont buy youtube red, because if l do, the spam will win and l would get even more the next time if l dont pay it again and again….

  17. Method Act says:

    "Bring it on" BRAVO!!

  18. with all the rebooting rehashing going on in hollywood these days, at least they got ONE of these classics right. This show is actually quite amazing.

  19. Big Blue says:

    Who else is here just for the cruel summer song ?

  20. Jerome 092 says:

    Who would had ever thought Cobra Kai season 2 would be better than Game of Thrones season 8.

  21. another karate kid with same pitch and dialogues and story. No mercy for evil character.

  22. 20 years from now
    there will be another cobra kai series
    mark my words

  23. I was interested in this show for about ………….2 minutes.

  24. LaRusso teaching honor, respect and mercy. Then his character is a car salesman. ?

  25. Can't wait for season 3.

  26. ya a cada rato me sale un pinche comercial de esta serie que ni esta en español me voy a comprar el youtube premiun para no volver a ver un comercial de esta serie estupida yo mejor veo el karate kid

  27. crap camera work …. all show no substance ! !

  28. Ebisto este bideo como mil beces soy un nurvo fan de cobra kay

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