17913 NO SURRENDER Official Trailer (2019) Scott Adkins Movie

NO SURRENDER Official Trailer (2019) Scott Adkins Movie

NO SURRENDER Official Trailer Movie in VOD soon.

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41 reviews - NO SURRENDER Official Trailer (2019) Scott Adkins Movie

  1. This movie looks rubbish. B-movie kak.

  2. Scott Adkins, Favourite actor of all time.

  3. Tamim Khan says:

    A soldier turned killer

  4. Mark says:

    Scott should change his agent to get more high profile films…

  5. Bola Nabil says:

    this an Egyptian movie called Harb karmoz, it is not a new movie for scott adkins

  6. i've seen youtubers make better productions

  7. Bee Hive says:

    Kung fu, including use of flying roundhouse kicks was standard training for British soldiers in the first world war. That is a fact and don't argue with me. K???????

  8. Looks like a Bollywood Indian action movie !!! B grade stuff. But the leading man looks cool.?

  9. P K says:

    I swear if Dc doesn’t make this guy the next Batman ima be pissed. Put Affleck and Adkins in a ring together and watch Adkins fucking SMOKE Affleck

  10. Why they all mother fuckers fights against Muslims in films.

  11. nick nack says:

    Scott makes the best B movies money can buy, I think and hope he makes an A+ eventually and it'll be a hit ??

  12. he would me the perfect batman. End of story

  13. boyka… boyka…boyka …

  14. Is no one going to comment on the fact that title changed from karmouz war to no surrender

  15. B. Stack says:

    This movie is slap retarded. Only a complete idiot would think its any good .

  16. I am so sick of Scott playing second fiddle in movies. He is being used as a killer machine or just a fighter in films.

  17. O Z says:

    What about another ninja movie?

  18. Serj Rz says:

    he lost to pattinson as batman

  19. DJ GOTT says:

    Let me do what I was born to do ..

  20. this guys need a good contract, He is good at it. I am just tired of watching his sharp kicks in low budget movies



  23. EGYPT !!! REALLY !!! What the fuck is wrong With SCOTT ?


  25. Mats Mati says:

    Who played in more shitty movies: Adkins or Statham?

  26. كاني شايف سليم الأنصاري

  27. The new wolverine, short and stocky the way its supposed to be

  28. imi786s says:

    Another undisputed movie would ge great… like who agrees???

  29. M F says:

    At first I thought he drop kicked a horse in the head.

  30. Adkins is like the dirtier version of Jason Statham.

  31. I want all his movies

  32. noisy boy says:

    undesputed 5 pls

  33. Scott Adkins :Bring me your fucking Champion !

  34. zuten88 says:

    Just WOW!!!!

  35. I pray he get a role one-day in the fast and Furious franchise.

  36. This is why he is my favorite action star. Mr. Scott Atkins.

  37. الفلم حرب كرموز2018

  38. This is an Egyptian movie called Harb karmouz( حرب كرموز)

  39. 1:22 if your a fan of Yuri Boyka, you know what I mean.

  40. It's an Egyptian movie which name is karmos war and Amir Karara killed Scott Adkins in the end of the movie

  41. Just saw this today on DVD. Its crap. The artwork is misleading. We were meant to think that Scott adkins is the lead actor in this but he is not. He's only in it for a good 6-7 mins and that's it. One scene where he's sitting down on the floor behind bars talking in his Scottish accent and near the end in a decent fight scene where he gets killed off at the end of it and to add insult to injury it has really bad English dubbing. Worst Scott Adkins movie ever. I trashed it after watching and kept the case. Don't waste your time on this everyone.

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