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00:00 The Rhythm Section
01:31 To All The Boys P.S. I Still Love You
03:59 Vivarium
06:10 A Simple Wedding
08:14 The Last Thing He Wanted
10:05 The Lodge
11:53 Irresistible
14:07 Taylor Swift: Miss Americana
16:11 Ordinary Love
18:05 Detective Chinatown 3
19:39 Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution
21:25 Waiting for Anya
23:25 Hope Gap
25:20 The Booksellers

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25 reviews - New Trailers This Week | Week 4 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

  1. Ayanimation says:

    9:33 oh my god Ben got old!

  2. Victor Brown says:

    Awesome! Rosie Perez is back!

  3. If you don't read… please read. Find a great book you can commune with, sit with. Find a great author whose choice of and placement of words makes your spine fizz and your brain stem tickle and causes how you see the world to get a little bit bigger or, like a sudden detonation, a lot bigger. That makes your entire brain say OH

  4. Fat, bland girl with nothing to offer, has 2 nice guys fighting for her. Sure.
    3:08 – let's celebrate sluttishness. Yay!

  5. John Jones says:

    If you ever seen "The Expanse" then you know the Iranian mother in "A Simple Wedding" is probably gravity torturing the ex-boyfriend who wanted the ring back as we speak. If she hasn't airlocked him yet.

  6. John Jones says:

    Hollywood has never understood ballistic vest. Body armor does not make bullets harmless, it makes them less lethal. You can still die from a gunshot, even wearing a vest, especially to the chest, as the force is still enough to break the ribs beneath, and often parts of the broken off rib will damage the heart and lungs, sometimes with lethal results. You would never allow someone to shoot you in a vest that you were wearing if you knew what you doing. I know it is just a movie, but idiots go out and try to emulate these things. That raises the health care costs for the rest of us.

  7. The Lodge isn't new, it was suppose to be released last year

  8. mary wolfcin says:

    Just another movie that could be easily solved with polyamory

  9. jsmall10671 says:

    "There were 3 unhappy people. Now there's only one" Zing

  10. These movies look so stupud, no mean, unrealistic, in order to het scared, the situation d characters r in should be real enough for u to imagine yourself going through that. If it seems too unrealisric, it's not worth your time , nor your money…..

  11. Tommy Veee says:

    Is this Pokemon movie basically the first pokemon movie that came out way back when? Just with today's graphics?? Lol

  12. God bless all book store people. They, and librarians, create heaven on Earth.

  13. B Redfern says:

    Wow, there is nothing worth watching, guess Ill read a book instead.

  14. Brewster20 says:

    I love jessee and imogen from the art of self defense

  15. Yoga Pranata says:

    I thought the thumbnail-woman is Aria Sky

  16. marlene g says:

    Remember when movies were Good?

  17. Hmm ? Hollywood… anti-violence: makes horror/slash films, anti-conspiracy: makes conspiracy films, anti-republican: makes contrived Democrat film, Taylor Swift: ?? who cares, pushes back against Q: makes films with Q characters ?,

    And Dr Who is now a Black Woman…. FFS

  18. rise above says:

    The lodge looks amazing

  19. Miche. says:

    omg taylor swift movie. k. just skip. i dont care.

  20. Bad Advice says:

    16:50 live action UP

  21. marioxmariox says:

    A movie written by Jon Stewart? At least he knows how stupid Democrats are, but easy to predict how he writes the end.
    At least it is decent CGI pokemon, looks like a remake of the first pokemon movie.

  22. Victor Camus says:

    Ya teach girls its ok to be unfaithful

  23. Hollow Blue says:

    They messed up Ashhhhh

  24. Wayne Nelson says:

    24:08 "I have tried, for 29 years."
    oh i know this dude, glad he left, hope he doesn't go back…

  25. I hate romance movies

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