26569 NEW SONIC MOVIE TRAILER & DESIGN! Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer 2 Reaction | Black Nerd

NEW SONIC MOVIE TRAILER & DESIGN! Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer 2 Reaction | Black Nerd

Andre Black Nerd Reaction to the New Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer.
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37 reviews - NEW SONIC MOVIE TRAILER & DESIGN! Sonic The Hedgehog Trailer 2 Reaction | Black Nerd

  1. Sir Rowell says:

    Love that they added the JJ Fad song in the trailer

  2. Found my new fav youtuber to watch while i eat who else stresses over the fact u wanna watch sum while u eat but no interesting videos

  3. This day… first, the new Sonic The Movie trailer, than Shenmue III Launch Trailer…

  4. Next up: Mario the movie!

  5. Please tell me you’re the new Erica

  6. Now do a reaction to Epstein not killing himself.

  7. Andre is a true fan, check out his reaction to the Met Life superbowl ad from like 2 or 3 years ago when they had all of the nostalgic cartoon characters. The man literally broke down in tears and you just felt how real his passion is for his interests.

  8. Perhaps if this movie does well it will show other companies how video game adaptations to films can be properly made. A lot of video game based movies have not done so well in the past.

  9. It looks a heck of a lot better and as a Fan I must say I am very impressed. However I don't like the end soundtrack music choice for the film, as I would have preferred they used music from the game to promote the film better and for better trailers. They could do a lot of awesome things for marketing for this movie. I think Dr. Robonik design would have better better designed for Jim Carey so it looks very similar to the design he had as a villain in the game. This was a massive improvement over the really weird blue rat sonic with human teeth design.

  10. root8ble says:

    it is tons better but still could have improved the body and hair .. make the damn body design like on the action figure behind Andre!!!


  12. Movie looks lit now but this dude is a lame

  13. Joe C says:

    Could the sonic controversy have been on purpose?

  14. J Pnoy says:

    Super sonic sounds way better than gangsta paradise in this

  15. 0okamino says:

    He's more cartoony, yet I'm having no problem buying into Sonic really standing there. Let that be a lesson to those who think they're going to do a better job on the design of a video game character than what people already know and love. Spoiler: Unless it's super subtle, you're NOT going to make it better. Do it like it is because that's how it should be.

  16. They brought Sonic to life basically

  17. They're letting Jim Carrey go loose and that's ultimate comedy Carrey and I think that's how the movie will excel in the way sonic is designed and portrayed with a really convincing villain

  18. As someone who wants to go into the film industry I try to stay to the very end of any movie credits out of respect for everyone who worked on the film (and them Marvel end credit scenes of course) and because of what Paramount did to turn this around I will be standing when those credits start rolling. Fantastic frickin job animators I know how difficult 3D rendering is and I can only imagine how much more difficult it is to animate. THANK YOU!! Also André I love you buddy keep it up!!

  19. 2019: Gangsters Paradise and no Crush 40
    2020: something techno and Ey Oh, Let’s Go but no Crush 40
    Me: If I don’t hear In His World in at least the end credits the Producers of The Fast and the Furious are gonna know what the bumper of a black GTO feels like.

  20. Dude…. what happened?…..

  21. Tech Craft says:

    Tyson Hesse has blessed us with an awesome design!

  22. It's like Sonic went to rehab like damn

  23. After the bs first trailer this is perfect. Well done to the designers.

  24. Finally a movies that listing to the fans

  25. reuilu says:

    what a nob

  26. lmao k says:

    omg where u get dat hat gurl

  27. Animators: Actually Listens to fans
    Fans: Wait that's illegal

  28. iara says:

    After Leonardo in the new tmnt and dewey in duck tales, Ben Schwartz got to voice yet another blue cartoon character from your childhood lol

  29. I can’t tell if he’s really laughing or not….

  30. I heard a super-villain laugh from Andre. We're all doomed lol

  31. DEY FIXED IT!!!!

  32. G- Navy says:

    Idc what anyone says, Jim Carrey was perfect ??

  33. We'll see what happens with Cats ?

  34. Star F says:

    I have CHILLS they did so great thank u paramount

  35. ZackFireX says:

    Paramount do what Sega don’t

    And by that I mean LISTEN

  36. Salt n pepa song made way more sense than gangsta paradise!!! Imagine the animators having to see each other to correct it after the outcry ?

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