My Search for the First Guitar I Ever Owned (warning: NOSTALGIA)

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27 reviews - My Search for the First Guitar I Ever Owned (warning: NOSTALGIA)

  1. Music is Win says:

    What was your first guitar?
    BTW, don't miss the jam at 10:51… it's a tasty one

  2. I use to go to Daddy's Junky Music on Mass Ave I started to go there in the early 1980's

  3. DodzZ Nation says:

    Hi can you give me that guitar plsss im from Philippines

  4. USA k says:

    Only started playing 4 months ago. Come as you are was the first ever riff I played

  5. My first guitar I bought was a Harmony Rocket and a Guild Thunder 1 amp. Picked up used for $120 from an add in the local want adds newspaper in 1976. First lick was Chicago 25 or 6 to 4 on a Sears parlor sized acoustic that was lying around the house. Probably around 14 yo, picked it out with guitar in my lap like a lap steel.

  6. DO NOT sell or giveaway your first ever guitar

  7. The first one I learned was ZZ Top – La Grange

  8. jrsblue says:

    Conclusion: the kind of guitar doesn't matter, it's all about who plays it. Great jam in the end!

  9. first solo i learned was tornado of souls solo

  10. Ozman says:

    Playing guitar has become an addiction for me, I've been playing on and off since I was 13 I quit playing for about 10 years picked it up again about 7 years ago and have been playing every single day for the past seven years I don't know how I put it down in the first place but life got in the way and being a wild teenager sold my gear to get me outta jail lol few times
    So had to rebuy everything now it's an obsession I love playing music is the cure for everything, I would love to find my Guitar and amp I had when I was a kid. First song I learned was the riff to I don't know by Ozzy and randy Rhoades had no tabs or internet then so had to learn by ear reminding the cassette tape lol probably literally a million times.

  11. By the way, AWESOME playing at the end of the video! Bet the Donner company really appreciated that!

  12. A TrueTone Jazz Master I bought from a friend who said it was his first guitar his dad got for him.

  13. RJ Cummings says:

    Here I was thinking you were just gonna do a John Mayer lick for the shred. Little did I know.

  14. Like the smirk on your face when you used the whammy bar the first time!

  15. My first riff was sweet home Alabama

  16. My first riff was smoke on the water and my first solo was knocking on heavens doors

  17. I have a question does donner also do junior Bass packs?

  18. He just saw Darrel braun channel and wanted to get the same guitar

  19. the first riff i ever learnt was Nothing Else Matters

  20. Marcus Garay says:

    That sound, was mean as all hell!!! That sounds amazing!!!

  21. My first riff was For Whom The Bell Tolls!

  22. WAXMAN 95 says:

    First Riff Teen Spirit

  23. First riff I learned was the Spy Hunter Theme! First solo I learned was Detroit Rock City by Kiss! Was also the first song I played live! Still have that first guitar, it was a red Fender Squier Star!

  24. first solo I learned was the santeria guitar solo

  25. Remember to drink your Ovaltine…… A commercial? A lousy commercial?

  26. Wonder how much Donner is paying him for this video

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