Mwana mpotevu means the Prodigal Son.
The song talks about the story of the prodigal son who took his share from his father, wasted it out there and later found it better to come back and be like one of dad’s servants. The father doesn’t see him as a stray son but instead, he warmly welcomes him back as his own child lost but found.
The story teach us that no matter how lost we feel out here, our father is waiting for us to inherit his Kingdom. No matter how disrespectful we have become, His arms are open wide for us. It’s our choice to decide and go back to our home.
May you hear God’s call in this song when He say Rudi… rudi …rudi… Come back… come back… come back…. and return to his kingdom. Amen.

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  1. Abua Gift says:

    Amen, absolutely ? hilarious u guyz r so amazing can't miss a day watching ur songs again en again….indeed just like the prodigal son we maybe lost His love ♥️ is so wonderful en ready to welcome us ?.

  2. luka chege says:

    God is using you msanii. How and where do you get this songs. My father learned of this song when he was jailed in Kamiti prison about 40 years ago. At the end of his imprisonment when he arrived home, it was the only song he was singing daily. We are now all Adventist a family of 9 children

  3. Hit after hit you never disappoint I love this stay blessed

  4. Amen good song

  5. This song reminds me nikiwa katoto waaw..May u livelong msanii

  6. ZENITRAM P says:

    The ladies are wearing decent dresses

  7. Rehema Ndira says:

    Baba anatungoja atulaki nyumbani, Amina

  8. Elica Henry says:

    Ni vema kuisikia sauti yake na kurudi hemani mwake Bwana? thanks so much servants of God kutukumbusha juu ya ilo. Again, mmependeza sana wapendwa❤ a can see sister Lilian there??you bless me everyday?

  9. Wow wow…nice song…I'm looking for mercy cherotich ako kwa group

  10. James Monay says:

    you can find me in ruiru sda chuch

  11. Very well done! I thoroughly enjoyed this and I'm learning some Swahili, too. In Igbo, 'Nwa'=child and 'mmefu' = wasteful. I find this too close to "Mwana mpotevu" to be coincidence.

  12. James Monay says:

    plz kindly stop killing me with your beautiful voices plz i would likee to join you guys kindly watch my video on ruce kids choir

  13. Guys you're indeed blessed and gifted with singing. You're a blessing to me and many people who watch your songs.
    May you continue saving souls through your songs. God bless you abundantly

  14. Very nice songs endeleeni hivo Msaniis

  15. So informative. An amazing team,rarely disappoints.
    Let's go back to our Heavenly Father. His love is everlasting.
    Team DJ KEZZ. Superb

  16. Blessings flowing allover ???ilike the way you sing ❤️ beautiful pearls and cute gents ??be blessed

  17. Sulesh Macs says:

    Wow,wimbo mzuri huo mola awazidishie utukufu huo ? twabarikiwa sikuzte moyoni kw nyimbo zenu tamu

  18. Wooow!
    Mwenyezi Mungu azidi kuwabariki waimbaji ninao penda sana!
    Musonge mbele Kwa kweli kumtumikia Mungu.

  19. Even though we have wandered away from God this song gives us hope that he still is ready to take us back
    "Ewe mwana wangu njoo rudi rudi rudi" I'm so blessed. AMEN.

  20. I am waiting for you to sing vijana nawaandikia barua yangu sikia…..

  21. I'm happy when I see M. M. G continue n christ keep it up ???

  22. EFFIE OUMA says:

    Colorful dresses wadada mko smart

  23. Amen God is still call us from the earthly things such as dressing my dear sisters glory to God when people are listing to the nice songs let them not ask questions plz ofcourse the dress is big but see naked hands plz plz

  24. The song is good.beautiful voices

  25. Alga Anyango says:

    This is great guys,, I love you guys so much

  26. The Ladies are exemplary.

  27. Naona Maombi ya DJ Kezz yalifika ?????

  28. His love never fades

  29. This is another powerful illustration of the message of salvation. You always inject new life in telling the “Old, Old Story of Jesus and His love”. Keep on singing the clouds away, until night turns to day. Appreciate your wonderful ministry.

  30. Lovely one God bless u

  31. Diana Ombati says:

    Niiice, To more soul blessings

  32. Just like the prodigal son. Accept us back Lord

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