21099 MOMO film (Short Horror Film 2019) - movie by Danny Darko

MOMO film (Short Horror Film 2019) – movie by Danny Darko

MOMO film (Short Horror Film 2019) – a movie directed by Danny Darko (28′) – psychological horror – Official Selections: Halloween Film Festival 2019 | Trash Film Festival 2019 | It’s Halloween night and the teen Rossana is home alone watching memories of her beloved father. A stranger named Momo contacts her via whatsapp, offering to help her overcome sadness and loneliness. #momo#film#shortfilm#momofilm

Halloween International Film Festival 2019 – North Carolina (USA)
Trash Film Festival 2019 – Croatia

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20 reviews - MOMO film (Short Horror Film 2019) – movie by Danny Darko

  1. t's not even scary

  2. she is behind you

  3. It just a movie

  4. This was creepy as fuck….

  5. Great great great

  6. I love her acting, well done

  7. Great film about MOMO

  8. Is the momo real?

  9. It's not even scary .-.

  10. Grady Yost says:

    The fact that i like is the googly eyes Momo had dont like pls leave a comment and comment GOOGLY EYES

  11. fuck that momo, look at that girl, she s so thicc

  12. I’m sister scared

  13. roses are red violates are blue I JUST POOPED MY SELF

  14. The part with the girl in the shower was on the curtain my friend has one of those


  16. I’m so scared fuk fuk fuk I’m scard

  17. Alek Zieme says:

    That was amazing and scary

  18. Jhon Paul says:

    I searched up for momo from Twice but forgot to add the word twice. A bunch of momo videos popped up and scared the shit outta me.

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