Megan Thee Stallion Explains 'Big Ole Freak' To A Classical Music Expert | Classical Kyle

It’s about to be a Hot Girl Summer ☀️ The Princess of Texas herself, Megan Thee Stallion, sat down for a chat with Classical Kyle to take him through her monster track ‘Big Ole Freak’.

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29 reviews - Megan Thee Stallion Explains 'Big Ole Freak' To A Classical Music Expert | Classical Kyle

  1. wrinkleface says:

    shes a good rapper …wish she had something more interesting to say tho

  2. Ashaunti T says:

    do more of these

  3. You can say brazy in certain places. I'm dead.

  4. So I am a stallion

  5. Jose Salgado says:

    Megan too fine cuh ?

  6. Sam Smith says:

    This video is torture

  7. кєкσ says:

    Kyle : dancing to beethoven
    Meg : insert ok vine

  8. Emmy Twix says:

    I prefer not her type of music but she is really cute

  9. Rökhoal says:

    Hes just acting for us black dumb folks. He aint into her at all ! Hes just smart and knows what we wanna see him to be like ..whilst hes actually not

  10. bob scott says:

    Megan should've backed that ass up on Kyle for the culture.

  11. The way he vibes to the symphony ????

  12. She's cute as Fuck!

  13. Thomas T says:

    Just realised Kyle looks like mr beast

  14. Can i listen to one of your “pieces”
    Bless his soul ?

  15. he look like he wanna fuck

  16. Me when the teacher asks me to talk to the girl next to me

  17. Akira King says:

    so i can say im brazy

    in certain AREAS you can say you brazy


  18. Akira King says:



  20. Megan: I get ittttt u relatin??

  21. This whole interview megan looked like she wanted to smack the fuck outta dude???

  22. Renee Meow says:

    he need a stallion just like megan

  23. Bryan Shang says:

    The head big ole freak?????
    I’m dyinggg?

  24. from the 46 says:

    My fellow Americans think British people are either

    1.The Queen
    2.The bad guy in a movie
    3. Kyle

  25. aree babyy says:

    he looks SOO NERVOUS, it’s soo cute how’s he soo happy to see her lol??.

  26. Young Otto says:

    Him: So I could say I’m Brazy??
    Her: In certain areas you can???

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