16018 Marvel Studios: MCU Phase 4 Hall H Panel Highlights Pt. 2 - Comic Con 2019

Marvel Studios: MCU Phase 4 Hall H Panel Highlights Pt. 2 – Comic Con 2019

Take a look at highlights from Marvel Studio’s Hall H panel at San Diego Comic Con 2019, featuring news about MCU projects planned for 2020 and 2021 including What If, Hawkeye, Thor: Love and Thunder, and The Black Widow.

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30 reviews - Marvel Studios: MCU Phase 4 Hall H Panel Highlights Pt. 2 – Comic Con 2019

  1. Megaformer says:

    Wow we’re getting the B Squad

  2. Black panther ???

  3. @5:59 that lady saying what is it! ?

  4. Jacob says:

    So no "Asgardians of the galaxy"?

  5. Dark Woods says:

    It's funny seeing little Nat Portman holding up Thors hammer. Can't believe they're bringing back the worst character/performer from the first two movies and making her Thor!?

  6. LUCIFER says:

    I have a theory on how can marvel bring mutants to MCU as we all know that professor x can control minds and also can erase and alter memories like in x men first class he erases the memories of the girl in the end so I think beast and professor x have made a machine with which he alters peoples memories so he can save the mutants from normal humans but as professor x became weaker some mutants are showed up like scarlet witch and quick silver that’s my theory on how can they bring mutants

  7. MCDouga11 says:

    i was more excited to see jessica chobot back on ign tbh haha

  8. Shut Up says:

    Korg is worthy confirmed

  9. Omega 3 says:

    Where Keanu ?

  10. Marvel just took the house down and burned it all man, what a way to keep everybody hyped after phase 3.

  11. Marvel have the great momentum right know in this age. And they not going to stop

  12. lazyreuvin says:

    I'm so happy I'm crying…. is anyone else crying too?

  13. NO CHEMISTRY PORTMAN THE ICE PRINCESS I guess she will be Valkyries lover because she has no chemistry with Hemsworth one of the reasons Thor 2 was awful and Thor 4 will be the worst of the Thor movies easily .

  14. I feel melancholy I will really miss so much the old avengers but I’m so excited to see what is next!

  15. Xarias G says:

    Yes-everyone hated the female Thor in the comics so thanks for bringing it to WOKE MCU.

  16. gman6862 says:

    Feige is killing it!

  17. Personally, I still cannot believe they actually got Natalie Portman back for another THOR movie. That is so cool.
    (I honestly thought they "phased" her out)

  18. Its so sad to see thor is going to be replaced by someone who real mcu fans don’t give a f*uc about,Tessa would’ve been a lot better as thor.

  19. Seriously IGN….stop with all this Marvel shite!!

  20. Please ask Chobot to host Daily fix one last time ???????

  21. never seen so much coolness in a single room

  22. At least your audio didn't drop unlike Variety lmao

  23. Oh so now that the MCU is worth her time she’s coming back?

  24. women literally have everything given to them by men, women did not liberate themselves — men got tired of raising you.

  25. There’s no such thing as Female Thor. Thor’s a name, how do these ppl not understand this?? Jane can be worthy of Thor’s power, but she can’t be Thor

  26. Faige is Hollywood’s 8th wonder. He was given “paper” to work with and rolled it into a “Philosopher's stone”, turning anything it/he touches into gold

  27. M Hjalmers says:

    Personally I think they should've called Jane Foster "Thor, the Goddess of Thunder", "Thora, the Goddess of Thunder" instead since Thora (or Tora) in Norse mythology or Nordic, Scandinavian culture/tradition was and is the female form/version of Thor (or Tor).

    But I understand this is simply fiction and "Thor" is just used like a title here and not a name 🙂

  28. Thor's Hammer will be made of fake weights so Natalie Portman can lift it.

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