1325 (Marvel) Natasha Romanoff | Sacrifice

(Marvel) Natasha Romanoff | Sacrifice

” Whatever it takes… ”

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Tessa from ( Transformers Age of Extinction )

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39 reviews - (Marvel) Natasha Romanoff | Sacrifice

  1. AJC1983 says:

    That was beautiful, Vince. Thank you.

  2. ”The Avengers Lost a Family member…”

    And I lost a heart from learning that…

  3. Tony, Black Widow, Captain America… all gone, how will the avengers go on?

  4. I cried during this

  5. She deserved the world. She deserved happiness. A great theory said that when Cap went back he saved Nat and gave back the stone, he got his dance with Peggy but knew if he married her it would change everything. So he can Nat got married and wouldn’t leave until on of them died, Mat died of old age and Cap came back to the orginal time

  6. Im gonna cry to death

  7. Any one knows the soundtrack ?

  8. She might not of had a child to fight for but she had her freinds her family

  9. Aii Yuu says:

    As a heroes herself, she was the powerful heroes assistant they all ever have. Love U Nat.

  10. Blackwidow deserves a film about her (who think like me?) ❤️?

  11. Honey Pink says:

    Most underrated character

  12. H R says:

    BW: "There are worst ways to go". Yeah, like they way they killed her character in EG. Black Widow did not represent the face of the new SJW-CLOWN mcu. A character full of wit and sexiness who would have easily overshadowed Craptain Gender Studies. This film gave us a broken Thor, a soy-Hulk, who by the way, should have been the one to show Thanos how powerful he was, particularly after knowing BW was dead. A very bad ending for many characters simply because they shoehorned CM in P4! This movie feels like GOT!

  13. I'm not crying, u are crying ?

  14. All the actors portrayal who played the original six Avengers is so spot on and scarlet johanson s portrayal of black widow is so praiseworthy

  15. Oh my god…. Why am I crying ???❤️

  16. Pourquoi tu est mort natasha ?????

  17. This edit destroyed me ????i miss my russian spy

  18. https://youtu.be/2Gqh94ru0X0 endgame watch online full movie link in description

  19. Are you working on a Spider-Man & Tony Stark Video? If not do that please.

  20. Everybody is saying that she is not a real Hero but she is the best I have ever seen. She held the Team together. I love you 3000

  21. avengers lost one of the mosts powerful hero they've . but atleast they won, black widow's and tony's death was worth it . but it's still the saddest one … they don't need to die to win .

  22. Miss you so much Natasha.. ???

  23. Y'all this edit made me cry

  24. How r we going to have a Black Widow movie if Black Widow’s dead

  25. Oh marvel please I don't want to see a prequel of black widow please pls revive her after all Steve kept all stones back

  26. She had best hand to hand fighting skills, made her little weapons extra cool when used. Broke into tears more on her than tony, seriously???

  27. I hate that she died

  28. Me:’sees title’
    AHHH WHY(end game watchers will understand)

  29. Aqilah Ali says:

    the only scene death that i cried…everyone cried when ironman died but i didn't….

  30. Jaz Law says:

    I’m still so angry that Natasha didn’t get a funeral in endgame like come on she sacrificed her life too

  31. Emma Rollo says:

    All these marvel edits are getting amazing, and sad, like I legit keep crying during them

  32. got me crying like a baby at 3am <3

  33. She might still be alive when Captain America returned the soul stone

  34. Fiji says:

    she would have been worthy to lift thor's hammer.

  35. Natasha Romanoff. The mother, the pillar, the power of the Avengers. Thank you Scarlett for playing such a badass (Captain Marvel is NOTHING compared to her!), strong, marvel of a character who didn't give up, never gave in whenever the eye of the storm took hold. Goodbye and thank you!

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